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Listen to Shiloh Sophia's poem dedicated to the Divine Beings, the Great Mystery, and our own human Beingness. This is a psalm of deep contemplation of our nature and place in the universe and our relationship to the divine. Human beings formed by love for love. Energy and matter, star and soil.. Anthropas.



  • This Course runs now through September. We started sharing videos on June 20th, and you receive access immediately.
  • You will be learning Intentional Creativity® based painting technique as well as metacognitive drawing and illustration.
  • You will be working with one big painting and one writing project that you work on in layers as a dedicated practice.
  • Monthly Schedule: Two Medicine Painting Videos (one hour or less each) delivered on Thursdays + LIVE Zoom Salon
  • Private iMusea App Group for connection (but off of facebook!)
  • You will be supported by the Intentional Creativity Guild

    NOTE: This will not compete with other curriculum from our programs are others you are taking, it will only amplify and expand the work you are already doing.


  • There won't be tons of work, but enough for a committed practice.
  • Emails will be to a bare minimum - we trust you to mark events on your calendar.
  • On average, spread out, one hour a week of content tops - you can do this?!
  • Everything is yours to keep

Here is Shiloh Sophia's ARTIFACT painting in process. Upon registration, you will receive immediate access to get started. This is after the Intuitive Soul Coding part of the process.


When I am a very old woman and they ask me what I did with my life... I will have a lot to say.

I have had the pleasure of dedicating my entire life to one art called Intentional Creativity.

From the wellspring of abundant beauty, community, intelligence, awakening and healing arose.

I hope I can say that in 2020 we founded a global virtual museum that brought women's art to the forefront.

I hope I can say that our community of Cosmic Cowgirls, collectively owns substantive assets.

I know I will say that we founded one of the largerst organize art movement on the planet.

I know I can say, because it is my truth now, that I am a happy, fulfilled, prolific artist and teacher.

I know the is because of the quantum power of our community.

A global gathering of thousands of women who are waking up or are already conscious.

Mystics, artists and healers who value the gift of Intentional Creativity and use it as their practice.

What I know I WANT to say is this:

That at the dawn of my 50th birthday I called a circle that sparked a community of creatives that lasted a lifetime.

We began a series of paintings that will go on for the rest of our lives - we chose to create a body of work.

We were sovereign, each in our own studio yet connected by common red thread.

These paintings will be accompanied by written and oral insights reflecting the genius and gifts of each woman.

Our work FORMED a global collection of paintings that shaped the future.

Our circle was attended by women at all levels of study within Intentional Creativity.

Those who are new to the work are guided by those who have been studying a longer time.

Those who are initiated gathered once a year in person to hug, hold hand, and hear each other's laughter.

Those who are local to where I am, came to study and sit at my table in person.

Those who are close to eachother formed bonds and painted together.

We recognized that Intentional Creativity is a spiritual gift, passed from hand to hand.

Heart to heart. Art to art. We evolved our species from within this circle.

We committed to sharing the power of self expression with our families and beloved clients/guests.

Our entire home became a sanctuary for creation.

We offered our medicine.

We understood ourselves as a chosen creative lineage.

We formed the Medicine Painting Society for Musea - (FALL 2020)

A global circle of women who paint for our own healing and illlumination.

Engage in ceremony for the healing of others and the planet.

We woke up together and woke the others.

Medicine painting does not just heal while painting - the painting FORMS the medicine within the woman.

While she is practicing her art, all of her gifts are being amplified in the other areas of her life.

Painting is HER spiritual practice.

We generally worked on a painting a year.

When she got too many paintings, she photographed them and donated them to placed that need art.

Or she had a one woman show at our Living Museum.

Each member marked on the back with this symbol seal:

Here we are diving deeper into the mystery as a species.

Yet times are uncertain. Each day I pray to live. I was sick for almost two months.

Hovering on the edge of fear, mortality, and what mattered to me.

I want to see old age and the evolution and awakening of the planet.

There is no way to say what will happening in the coming years, or months.

Yet it is clear to me - to bring my vision into reality, now.

I will be at cause.

Shiloh Sophia is the real deal. She shows up as herself. She boldly claims her truth. Her teaching is wildly transformational. I'm blown away how she gifts the world with her feminine wisdom, her process of Intentional Creativity and then, empowers others to take what she has given and share it with the world.

Shiloh has stretched me over and over to keep questioning, go further and dig deeper. She gives structure and frees beyond the structure. She guides with compassion, care and radical grace, a beautiful way to be led. My gratitude runs deep for the gift of Shiloh! She has given me the tools to recover my voice, claim myself as artist and honor the feminine on my daily path. Because of her, creativity and sacred vision is threaded through all! ~Ally Markotich, Intentional Creativity Teacher

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