An Ancient and Futuristic Tool for
Summoning the Inner Healer

Discover what we practice in Medicine Painting

Medicine Painting is an ancient practice woven throughout human history. We are seeing a revival in modern times, as people are called to take healing into their own hands.

In our methodology, Medicine Painting is painting with an intent to heal and receive insight. In this introduction I will share some examples of painting within a healing context in the ancient world. I will review how we approach the practice today. As well as share stories of how this has informed my body of work and has sparked into a global art movement. Tens of thousands of women around the world work with this approach to embark on a healing journey through Intentional Creativity®. We have been practicing this way of working in our creative lineage since the 1930s.

The practice, process and product of Medicine Painting is unique to every person. In this brief video you will see some of the paintings I have worked with over the past few years that demonstrate my version of Medicine Painting, and some of the potential beneficial impacts. I have experienced these beneficial impacts personally and have had students share with me the incredible impacts they have experienced from their medicine painting journeys.

I encourage you to get a cup of tea, and have 'cafe' with me. Take your time and see what arises for you. Perhaps you will feel called to bring Medicine Painting into your own healing journey.


Shares from Women who Practice Intentional Creativity

“I feel Intentional Creativity played a huge roll in my healing from was my first piece with you that kicked it off....and I feel it allowed me quickly to arise out of a dark place with diagnosis to a positive minded Knowing to be healed thinking...and opened my mind and spirit to the messages of truth to come through ... healing thought and spirit and thus healing oncologist had no answer for my pathology reports to be so so much lower than when initially diagnosed......I am cancer free and stay that way........”

~ K. McLane

“Shiloh McCloud is an exquisite artist, a great teacher, and a healer. In four hours she was able to heal 40 years of emotional wounding that kept me from painting. Her process is amazing. She draws out the spirit within and guides you in expressing your inner most knowing. Since studying with her I have painted on a regular basis and much to my surprise my work has been exhibited purchased, understood and enjoyed by others. The time you spend with Shiloh is worth every minute of it. Do yourself a favor and pick up that paintbrush.”

~ Chief Luisah Teish

“Intentional Creativity helped me reconnect to and be able to listen to my body. I was completely disconnected from the neck down....believing that my body couldn't keep me safe and my body always failed me. We were in constant conflict with each other and I engaged in behaviors that were unkind and unloving toward her. IC allowed me to access those stories, create dialog and form a loving relationship with my body which has impacted my health in a positive way.”

~ Heidi S. Moondancer

"Intentional Creativity has been a game changer for me! I was blessed to create a physical healing while participating in one of Shiloh Sophia’s retreats. Recently I had been diagnosed with a serious life threatening intestinal disorder. During my painting process at the retreat, I purposely decided to ‘place’ it into a container I had painted onto my canvas. As I made each brush stroke I declared: “my illness can live in here now” I approached this with a playful energy and no expectations. In order to truly believe in what I was doing, I even went off of my medication! My illness and symptoms have never returned and it’s been over a year ago! Such is the potential power of Intentional Creativity!"

~ Lisa Adriana

"I discovered IC in the darkest period of my life - I had just suffered a huge betrayal from my childhood church and my then husband had cheated on me. IC gave me the tools I needed to survive that period, and to finally pursue my own needs and interests. For the first time, I took responsibility for my own life. Three years after my first class, I am working in a field where I get to change lives...Intentional Creativity transformed my life. I don't say that lightly. Through creativity I was able to reclaim parts of myself I had forgotten, and was able to step back into the role of creator of my own future.”

~ Anonymous

"I have emerged on the other side of hell after being subjected to sexual abuse for 8 yrs of my childhood by extended family members. I kept silent until my 30's; have had years of therapy, searched countless avenues for healing, and with Intentional Creativity I feel like I have finally come home and into my own arms. I am on my way back to my own wholeness now with tools for healing myself and my family, and am even now reaching out to others."

~ Anonymous

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