We are the teachers of the philosophy of Intentional Creativity®. This is the method we use when creating, making art with a purpose, and inquiry. Intentional Creativity means to 'make with mindfulness.’
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We are a living Museum with a virtual gallery and physical galleries. Together we curate artists, rotating shows, studios and exhibits. Our focus is art made with Intention, Contemporary Symbolism, Storytelling, and art gatherings.


We are a school providing revolutionary in person and online education for over twenty years. We train women healers and educators who are ready to bring self-expression to their clients and students. There are 42 Intentional Creativity® teachings and many offerings are free of charge!


We are an art movement with a lineage going back almost 100 years. We are one of the most powerful organized art movements on the planet with tens of thousands of practicing members worldwide. Become a member or join our circles.


Our work is grounded in an integrative approach to making art called Intentional Creativity. Our focus is art with purpose, or making with mindfulness. The healing power of imagination and self expression are powerful tools for awakening.

For those who wish to learn to teach Intentional Creativity® are part of their offerings with individual clients well as large and small groups - consider joinining for one of our three certifications programs.


As your desire to delve into your creativity becomes stronger and you wish to study as a student of Intentional Creativity, we have certifications and trainings available to support you in your creative and personal development.

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