Many Hands . Many Voices . Many Lands . Crafting Culture & Curating Consciousness  

We are a Global Guild of Creatives Curating Consciousness, Curriculum, Culture & Collaboration!

MUSEA : Intentional Creativity  

A creative lineage passed from hand to hand, heart to heart since the 1930ies. Today we feature art and education hosted by over 360 trained teachers, coaches and guides at many different Musea locations and in our online school for our circle members.  

The focus of our work to share creativity with all beings began with our 100 year legacy founded by Shiloh Sophia and 25 founding Mamas in San Francisco in early 2000.  

Our global member base has over 6,888 members as of January 2020. Our work reaches tens of thousands of people in many circles a month. We have MUSEA : Intentional Creativity Centers throughout the world.  

We have our eyes on the legacy of future generations with support for decades to come.  

We are IN LOVE with what we do...We wonder if it might be right for you too?  

Ask the Muse, not just the mind... 

She Rides the Equal Sign by Shiloh Sophia, 2019 Codex 13 Moon Teaching Painting and Certificate Program

Invite your Muse for a cuppa' tea and explore our community. If you have been looking for us, we have been looking for you! 

2020 Map of Intentional Creativity Teachers

About Our Mission

MUSEA : Intentional Creativity  

Many Voices. Many Hands. Many Lands.  

Crafting Culture and Curating Consciousness  

Musea is an organization designed for the benefit of our members.  

Our focus is the philosophy of Intentional Creativity, which is 'making with mindfulness’.  

Our mission is to invite everyone to connect with their innate power to create!  

We believe in gathering in circle with creatives to experience a connection.  

We believe in curating personal consciousness and gaining access to our hidden worlds through creativity as a powerful tools for awakening!

Through the Guild, we are empowering and educating leaders to bring Intentional Creativity to their communities.  

All of this sacred work is brought forth through time with the Muse in your own creative practice!  

You will have to experience Intentional Creativity for yourself! Come play with us!  


Seeing a world where all beings are self expressed, awakened and acting for good on behalf of all and earth.  

We create this Vision through many mediums including free online education, many monthly circles for our membership, online community circles, clear pathways to membership and programs like Power Creatives TV and our annual trips to the United Nations for UNCSW where our founder teaches and shares the power of circle as well as how creativity impacts trauma.

Musea is the plural for Museum. Hence the idea of many voices. Many lands. Many hands.  

Dear One,  

Has your Muse been knocking on the door of your heart? Asking you to commit to a creative spiritual practice? 

Are you seeking creative commmunity, connection and furthering your education in the creative arts?

Join us for an Intentional Creativity experience! We have lots of ways to play for free, or tuition based curriculum. Don't worry, none of your courses require previous painting experience. Yes, you heard that right. Even if you have never picked up a brush since childhood, you've found the right place.  

We believe that we are creations, living within a creation created to create! This kind of creativity has little to do with needing talent, rather, inviting forth the natural self expression of every individual. 

Every bone in your body is a creative bone! Come play! Welcome to this space, you are in the right place! One of our CORE VALUES is the idea that we are already connected along an invisible Red Thread.

One you become a member of Musea we will send you Red Thread Letters to support you on your creative journey!  

Self Expression is a basic human right. How can we speak to what we truly need and want i f we don't have contact with the voice within? Self expression, and specifically Intentional Creativity grants access to the hidden inner world where the soul lives... waiting to show you what you have not been seeing.


Our community at the United Nations, UNCSW60 New York 2017

Color of Woman Gathering at Terra Sophia, Mendocino County 

Color of Woman Gathering in Florence Italy, 2018 

Are you an Artist? Philosopher? Poet?Mystic? Healer? Teacher? Join us!  

Become a Musea Member - for free

Intentional Creativity is making with mindfulness in any medium. Painting. Music. Language. Cuisine. Culture. Architecture. Poetry. Theater. Pottery. Drawing. Sculpting. Dance. All mediums, when made with a sacred intent, tell a story. A story of the artist, and the time they were living in, as well as what they wanted us to know about who we were as a people at that point in history.  

Color of Woman Graduation and Guild Gathering : Santa Cruz, California : Multiversity Campus, 2019

Creativity isn't about talent. Creativity is about access to the voice of the soul. A journey into the hidden domains of being... art will take you there. 


If you are new to MUSEA : Intentional Creativity, there is a path to joining our community and continuing with our collective for years to come. We started over 27 years ago and our plan is designed to last 100 years...a big idea right? We will tell you all about it as we go along, growing along together! Imagine making connections with a creative community and gathering online and in person with compassionate, caring and the most curious women! 

Intentional Creativity is Ancient and Futuristic 

Creating with intentional symbolism to communicate and tell story is ancient and pervasive the world over. From the Red Hand Cave paintings of Aboriginal peoples of Australia, the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Egyptian glyphs and myths, Russian icons coded with story and symbol, Shaman drums painted with personal medicine, sacred theater in Ancient Greece, Black Madonna rituals like the Sous Terre in Chartres Cathedral, skin story tattoos of the Hawaiian Islands, Native American beadwork, baskets and garments, Taize Musical Worship from France, African dances for birth and death, to the modern movement of intuitive art being globally practiced – the references are truly ever-present and endless and in every culture in the world. The common red thread of telling stories across cultures weaves us together.  

Intentional Creativity Co-Founder, Shiloh Sophia, demonstrating for Codex Online Painting Certificate Course, 2019

Have You Tasted the Apples, Shiloh Sophia, 2013 

Brushes are magic wands. Add water and whisper into the wind and see what arises. You can't get intuitive painting wrong, because we aren't comparing it to anything that already exists. 

We trust the brush and allow the insight to emerge... 

BECOME A MUSEA MEMBER Join our Red Thread Circle Today! 

Red Thread Circle : Paris, France led by Guild Member, Brunehilde Yvrande / Shiloh Sophia at Musea for storytelling 

MEMBERSHIP JOURNEY Ways to Play & Where to Start

Membership through Musea is an ever deepening journey. Since our plan lasts decades, we not only include all ages but we invite all of our members to think beyond their lifetime into legacy. As you move through levels of membership, it isn't like moving up a ladder, but rather, moving more deeply into your connection with yourself, and with your own creative process within the context of community. 


Your first step is becoming a MEMBER of our Red Thread, which is free or by donation if you choose to participate in our private online group and calls. 

You are also welcome to just sign up for a class and become a STUDENT of Intentional Creativity and share your current work or works in process with us. 

In time, if you love the work you and you are a helping healing professional who desires to bring creativity for her client base, consider becoming an INITIATE through one of our Certification programs. 

Once you graduate from Color of Woman, you can become a member of the GUILD. Or you might consider having your school at our school, or hosting classes at our Musea location or another one by becoming a COLLABORATER. 

And... the ultimate for us is that you eventually become a part of the 100 year legacy through becoming an OWNER in Cosmic Cowgirls.  


ONE: Join our online community and feel a sense of connection!

Musea Membership  

Grants you access to our free online community resources.

1. Communication Red Thread Letters from our Founder, Shiloh Sophia, and community leaders.

2. Community Red Thread Cafe Classroom on Facebook or our private iMusea app with over 6k women already gathered.

3. Connection Monthly Red Thread Connect calls with women around the world to share stories, poetry, art and connect. 

4. Creativity Access to the Hoya Straus Library curriculum to learn more about Intentional Creativity and connect with your Muse today!

 5. Encouragment Weekly support for your own creative process through Work in Progress Wednesdays supported by our Guild. 

6. Specials Our membership gets first dibs on savings, early bird pricing and seats for often sold out events!

7. Participate Join us for Musea Global juried art shows!  

Be a part of a global women's circle of creatives!

Join Now! Membership is Free. If you choose, you can add a $5 donation per month which goes directly to staff to deliver member benefits. 

Instantly connect with creative women around the world! 


TWO: Gather with us and Experience Intentional Creativity!

Musea Student  

Ready to get your brushes wet and invite your Muse to play? Choose an offering with our founder, Shiloh Sophia to get a taste of Intentional Creativity. Or, one from a seasoned Certified Teacher around the world.

  Our invitations will be featured in your welcome packet once you join. Gather with us online for a video or livestreamed course, or at one of our campus locations. Experience self expression and expansion.  

Our Intentional Creativity curriculum features free and paid courses, as well as an Annual Intentional Creativity Vacation and Conference for our membership. Our main focus is painting, but we also work with poetry and drawing. Yet any medium is invited!

A supply list and tips for setting up your studio and participating will be provided. It will be so fun, because often we are working together as a circle of women, sharing celebrations and struggles. Creativity is a lot more than just a hobby, it is a way of life. 

Intentional Creativity is creating with mindfulness, art with intention, making meaning as you create! How does a trip to the art store sound?  

Our key classes open to incoming students depending on the time of year are Legend, Apothecary, Prism. Dance of the Critic and the Muse, Imagine, Codex and Anthropas. Great classes to get started with are Midnight Muse and Diva X. 

Ready to get started? Come Take a Peek?  

Here are our classes! 


THREE: Be an educator and train to bring your gifts!

Musea Trainee 

If you desire to gather others and are a helping healing professional, our curriculum might be idea for you. We have been training educators, healers, therapists, shamans and professionals since 2010. You are in good company with potent women leaders in their field of work. 

 If you fall in love with us (and we hope you will) you will be invited to apply to join us for our training curriculum to become certified. 

 You can become an Intentional Creativity Teacher through Color of Woman or an Intentional Creativity Coach through Motherboard. We also have a certification program for women to learn how to lead circles called Red Thread Guide. 

Share your gifts with others through the quivering edge of creativity through bringing inquiry, image and language to transformational education!

We are proud to have over 360 certified women educators world-wide offering their gifts. Enrollment in Certification programs are only once a year.

Those who choose to become Musea Members are first to know when enrollment is open. 

Ready for action? Explore Color of Woman! 

  Find a Teacher in Your Area  

Musea members who choose to travel with us throughout their life are invited into a powerful creative lineage. To receive the gifts of this work and to pass them on to your Beloveds.

Here are deeper levels of connection available for collaborating with us!

4. GUILD Graduates & Conference 

This is the true heart of the work! Graduates of our higher level certifications come back to collaborate with us, as well as teach the core curriculum they just learned.  

We have a private app for our Guild members, as well as calls, trainings, opportunities to teach and so much more. 

 Many of our graduates join our staff at Musea - we provide lots of jobs back into our community. 

Together we speak a common language, supporting one another, and working together to bring our mutual visions into the world.  

The Guild Members also collaborate with each other, bringing new curriculum based on their unique offerings.  

Find a Teacher in Your Area Discover a Class from a Graduate Check out our Staff  

5. COLLABORATER Seat of Muses & Board Members & Musea Locations 

Through the Intentional Creativity Foundation, 501c3 we share our California campus with women educators, healers and board members. 

Shiloh Sophia, our founder has been a space-keeper since her mid-twenties since opening her first gallery. She has had locations in San Francisco, Saualito, and Mendocino and now Tiburon and Sonoma. She believe in the power of having places for women to gather. 

This program is called Seat of Muses. You get to 'hang' your shingle at our location and promote your own school.

Graduates of Color of Woman are also available to have their public studio or gallery become a MUSEA : Center for Intentional Creativity. 

We also have Board Members who are part of other communities that collaborate with us for their visions or ours.  

 Learn about Seat of Muses  

6. OWNER Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC  

Creating a Legacy of Vision Keepers by beoming an owner in our woman and girl owned LLC.  

For 16 years our inner circle community members have worked together with our community to gather, publish books, invest in land, fund projects and support initiatives. To become an owner you need to 

* Graduate from one of our Certification programs 

*Apply for Ownership and be an active member for a year

*Take the Legend Course

*Choose your investment level and attend owner meetings.

Our vision includes families who choose to bringing their legacies togeth with ours to fund an incredible future for generations to come.  

To speak to someone about the path to ownership please email 

Our community of graduates, board members and investors gather together annually to connect, create & celebrate! We gather in person, as well as online throughout the year. 

Core Cosmic Cowgirls ~ Mary MacDonaald aka Stella Mac, Denise Wreden aka Buffalo Woman , Shiloh Sophia aka Laughing Cloud, Jenafer C. Owen, Jumpin' Jenafer Joy and Carmen Baraka aka Spirit Warrior, Photo by Gina Fong, 2019 Cosmic Cowgirls Gathering.

About our Founder, Shiloh Sophia

Bio Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has dedicated her life to the belief that self-expression is a basic human right and shares her message with thousands around the world through her paintings, poetry, and teachings. 

She leads a global movement of revolutionary education focused in Intentional Creativity®, as offered in the Color of Woman Teacher Training. She co-founded a Studio and Center for Intentional Creativity®, MUSEA, in Sonoma, California, with her husband Jonathan. Most mornings, she can be found having tea with her Muse, pouring over quantum physics, philosophy, and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe. 

 Visit our Founders website here

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