Q and A with our Founder, Shiloh Sophia

We are calling a cosmic gathering of innovative creative souls. If you are ready for an evolution in how you access your own information, learning to make your knowledge visual could be what you are looking for - even if you didn’t know it! Becoming trained and certified will put one of the most powerful tools in your hand...the ability to tell a story visually. 

You are invited to watch a Q&A Call with MOTHERBOARD Founder Shiloh Sophia, and Director of Coaching Amy Ahlers from July 2019. Learn more about Metacognitive Drawing + Intentional Creativity Method® Coaching Certification

Is This Training for Me?

Who is This For?

This work is for you if you:  

* work with others in a helping/healing modality of any kind where visuals could support your communication

* wish to make your own knowledge visual, so it can be seen and explored.  

*feel that you would like to include storytelling in your work 

*are you interested in raising your own consciousness and that of others in the world

*have clients that are ready to go to the next level with you but you haven't created your next level

•are excited by the idea of articulating your content and that you have your own information 

*already work visually, as in graphic recoding or other visual practioner trades, and are inspired by the idea of adding intention

* just need something for you that nurtures your self expression - and it is a bonus that is connected to improving your work

*aren't willing to put your creativity on the side-lines anymore and need to find a way to share it with your clients

* are inspired to activate your intuition in how you work with others.  

* are looking for a change in the way you approach your own practice/process.  

* are curious about what the next horizon of consciousness may be, for you and those you serve.

*you have missed your crayons and colored markers since childhood.

This work may not be for you if you:  

* are only interested in Intentional Creativity, without applying it to your work with others. As much of the curriculum is focused on translating this for those you serve. 

*you haven't worked with others, yet, and don't plan to in the near future

*you can't imagine finding the time in your schedule to learn, play and connect

* are not interested in 'doing the work' to raise your own consciousness, it will be fun, but can be uncomfortable at times.  

*are looking for a business focus only program 

*in the middle of a melt down. But then, it might be just the thing once you are on the other side :) We just want to be sure the timing is right for you :) 

The Lingo: We have a lot of 'specialized terms' in our work. We are repurposing vocabulary to point to something different and new, which repurposes brain function as well. You don't need to understand everything on this site to join us. We will teach you the terms. Let's start now.

Motherboard is the name of this training, this year. This is also the theme for how we will look at our own internal material, as well as the concept for the one painting you will create.

Intentional Creativity Method ® is what we teach and our philosophy. You can apply it to any medium of creation. When we add coaching to the term, Intentional Creativity Method, then it is our philosophy applied to coaching practices. When we add teaching to it, then it is our philosophy with teaching practices. 

What if I'm already an Intentional Creativity® Teacher? If you work with individuals or groups in a healing capacity, we would love to have you! Motherboard is an entirely separate curriculum, and is compatible with, but not the same as, the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training. Please email sarah@musea if you need further clarification or visit the ICGuild facebook group for conversations related to this topic.  

What if I want to take Color of Woman : Intentional Creativity Teacher Training? Taking Motherboard prior to Color of Woman works perfectly, but is not required. You can complete most of Motherboard before Color of Woman begins. There is however a painting class called Legend that begins in January that is a pre-requisite for Color of Woman. You will simply need time to dedicate, but the content will be just fine in tandem. 

Photo of Katherine Torinni, Graphic Recorder, Artist and Intentional Creaivity Teacher

Coaching Questions

How will this help me if I am already coaching and guiding others? Coaching is the term we are using specific to the energy of creating a container of support between souls. How you serve others with your coaching, healing, and teaching practices will be amplified through the use of visual technique, process, and application. By putting the tools of discovery into the clients hands you can literally SEE what they are working with, distinct from talking/processing.  

Will I be a coach after certification? Whether you call yourself a coach or just offer 'coaching' is up to you. If you do the work you will be a certified Intentional Creativity Coach. 

Is coaching still the way to go? We know that there are a lot of coaches out there right now. That is a good thing, because a lot of people want to help others. Coaching as a field isn’t going anywhere; this way of working is ancient. This training will put you on the growth edge of a shifting industry by equipping you with visual knowledge. This embodied coaching experience will equip you with something to offer that MOST coaches haven't studied yet. This is an approach to coaching through creativity where the exchange involves working with image, word, and inquiry.

So when someone asks how what you do is different, you pull out a pocket full of pens and begin to tell a story....

How Will IC Coaching benefit me and my clients? We hope to give you more access to your own information so you can better understanding what is being shared by your client beloved. We hope for you to be intuitively empowered to source the tools you need in the moment. And then that your client will have the resources to respond from their deepest knowing. Our desire is AHA! Illumination! Insight, inspiration, and imagination.  

What is the role of ‘embodied imagination’ in this? Imagination is faculty we ‘turn on,’ coupled with actions we take in our physical body through creating form (by drawing, writing, painting, and movement) We work with the awesome neuroplasticity of the brain to repurpose pathways previously in service to the past, to create future-forward visions and activate design thinking.

Will this work with the modalities I already use? You can apply creativity to any medium you are already working with. Any time your work involves talking and holding space, you can use Intentional Creativity.

Will this help with my business? Yes, because Intentional Creativity and making knowledge visual can be directly correlated to business and marketing. More and more people are looking for people with visual skills. This isn’t a business training specifically, and is ideal for those already working with a client base - or who are ready to! We will have an entire module on how to integrate this into your offerings and or create a custom offering with this material. As it can be combined with your existing modality or exist on it's own as well.

Questions about the MOTHERBOARD Process

Why are visuals so important to this process? We know that we are visual creatures as humans. Our eyes, as well as our heart, and our field, work with vision and energy. We process information based on what we see in front of us, and what we know about what we are seeing. The Social Science Research Network says that 65% of us are visual learners.  

How does a pen and paper add to the experience? As children, crayons/pen and paper are one of our first sets of tools given to us to create. We were able to take something from inside and bring it out of us onto the paper. We usually loved this and were excited to share what we made and felt the pride of an adult. Imagine getting your crayons back....  

What if I can’t draw or my handwriting is messy? Drawing pictures is one of the most natural things. It has nothing to do with talent. Messy works fine. This isn’t about drawing or writing well, but about using the tools to get your ideas conscious. Over time, skill improves enough that someone else may be able to read your writing on the wall! 

Will you teach basic drawing and lettering? We will teach basic line making, shape making and hand lettering, but from an intuitive perspective at first. If you wish to develop further, that is also included in the training. If you feel called, don’t let your fear of what your stuff will look like keep you away! You have been waiting too long to be re-united with your crayons.

How will I be working together with other members? We will be meeting weekly for virtual live teachings and Mastermind Circles rich with practice in creativity, collaboration, and co-creation. Our meetings will be very experiential, working with drawing, writing, and inquiry. The dynamic of the group mind will catalyze our collective awakening and progress!  

Why are those who join called 'members?' The Intentional Creativity community worldwide is a strong, creative, curious and collaborative bunch. We want those who join to FEEL truly as if they are a part of the greater weave of our work. You will be working together, coaching and supporting each other, trying things out and forming collaborative bonds. We hope, but it remains to be seen, that graduates will want to continue to stay connected post-course, and have plans in place should that desire be shared. 

What will I literally be doing? You will be learning via video, as well as live events. Together we will explore:  

* naming your visual knowlege * awakening your source code * reprogramming your motherboard through meditation and paintings * creating your own social media images * making a visual journal documenting your voyage and your learnings. * We will dive into visual video practices and how to work virtually with clients. * Coaching processes. * Creating your own modules. * Designing courses with this material. * Crafting coaching containers. * Exploring context. * Metacognitive drawing and intuitive downloads.  

And the list goes on…  

What if I can't come to the in-person gatherings? The entire Motherboard curriculum will be delivered online. We will gather virtually to collaborate, work together, and support each other. The in-person gatherings are available for those who wish to come together in person. 

Where can I find specific details about the curriculum, faculty, schedule, etc.? All that information is covered in juicy detail here.

Questions about Intentional Creativity®

What is Intentional Creativity? Intentional Creativity means to create with mindfulness. Whatever you ‘make,’ you bring your awareness to it. It is very simple, but can also be missed in our day to day lives. The awakening is achieved through the practice of the Intentional Creativity Method.

What is meant by 'content?' Each person has their own information, and when that information is shaped it can become content. Your own messages and teachings and ways of working are your content. Often the intent of Intentional Creativity is to give you access your content and articulate it. We don't always know what we know; working visually and creatively changes how we know what we know.  

Why is it a technology? Intentional Creativity® has been in practice in this form for over twenty-five years. It is duplicatable, efficient, and uses specific tools to accomplish a desired result. We have specialized processes and vocabulary that we consistently use to educate others about our technology.

Consciousness and Cosmic Goals

What is the inspiration? We believe consciousness can be achieved through the use of focused Intentional Creativity. Yet for something to be useful consistently, over long periods of time, it has to be duplicatable and efficient. This training aims for both so that our graduates can pass on their insights.  

Why this training, and how can it help me? The intention of the training is to awaken consciousness in you, our membership. We then hope that you will awaken those you work with through your chosen modality, and that it goes out from there...that those you serve will also awaken others with what they have discovered in their work with you through coaching. Pass it on....

Why is this the intention? Our why is two-fold: we feel that the world is calling us to awaken so we can co-create the future. Many of us have concerns about how this earth story is going, and at the same time we are excited about our part in the great unfolding. We want to create the future with conscious, caring, creative community.  

Is consciousness the goal of the course? The path to consciousness will be forged through our processes and practices of making knowledge visual. Consciousness is the voyage itself, and making knowledge visual is the mode of transport. Along the way we want to have a really good time! 

Why does this matter? When we are asleep we don’t know who we are, and what our message is. And often, true joy and pleasure remains hidden! To become conscious and self aware to whatever level our soul is ready for, can lead to a lot more presence, clarity, and celebration. Further, our world ‘systems’ may seem at times to be run by people we do not think are all that awake...but that is a personal view.  

How does creativity help us achieve consciousness? When you really dive into creativity, and especially with metacognition, you can enter a flow state. Losing track of time and space and really enjoying where you are, is a state change. This change opens us in powerful and surprising ways.  

What if I am already conscious? Then you are our ideal member! Chances are you haven't experienced consciousness like this and in this way, where you are intuitively drawing down information in the moment onto paper or canvas...receiving insight as you go. This is a different experience than most of us have ever had. Of course if you have been studying IC, then you already know what we are talking about, and how infinite it is. It allows ever expanding, ever amplifying access.  

Why is it called a motherboard? Drawn from the world of technology, a motherboard is "the printed circuit board containing the principal components of a computer or other device, with connectors into which other circuit boards can be slotted." It holds the core components, the brains and heart, of a computer.  

For our purposes, the metaphor refers to your systems of belief, energies, ideas, signatures, and archetypes; basically, the core components that makes up how the Self opperates. By getting this 'conscious' we can move out of the default settings and work with it.