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 Applications are now closed for our 2019 Training. We will begin accepting applications again in 2020. If you know that you are meant to be in our September 2019 training and still wish to apply. Email and we will consider your request.

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MOTHERBOARD Intentional Creativity Method® Coaching Certification 

A 6 month voyage training beginning mid September, 2019 The Core Curriculum is offered 100% online with optional Gatherings in California 

Upon acceptance to the training you will receive materials to prepare for your journey including your materials list, dates for our virtual gatherings and preparatory curriculum.

On the fence about applying? Consider filling out the application to see how it feels and what your mind, heart and body experience as you answer the questions. You will likely know at that point whether you wish to move forward and submit your application.

Women are gathering from all over the world! United States, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Portugal and Netherlands

Will you join us?

Red Thread Circle in Paris, France led by Brune Yvrande

We are truly excited to connect with you and are thrilled about the potential of having you join us! 

Suggestions for the best experience, please read BEFORE you begin the application so you can be prepared: 

Filling out the Interview and Application may take about an hour, depending on how much you share with us. We hope that just filling out the application can be a discovery process for you and that you will take your time. This is not a test and is not about how well you write. Bring it from the heart. 

If you are wanting to review the 'Where, When, How' page, a detailed overview about what's included with MOTHERBOARD, as well as the tuition information, go here.  

You cannot save your work due to privacy laws. HOWEVER, you can simulataneously have a document open and copy your answers so you have them in case of an issue with internet or the platform. We suggest using a desktop computer as SOME have been able to manage with a hand-held/phone, but some have not and have lost their work. We cannot offer support for portable devices throughout the course.  

There is a $100 Deposit at the completion of the application. This deposit goes towards your future investment. By applying you are stating your intent to be considered for the training, and if accepted, to join us on our journey for mid September 2019. If you are not accepted, your fee will be refunded. Your decision to submit the application will come at the end of the process. 

Your first step is to apply for the Core Online Training. You will hear from us within four days regarding acceptance into the training or next steps. The in person gatherings will be explored further, upon enrollment in MOTHERBOARD.

We are truly grateful for your interest in working together. The curriculum that has gone into this training has been in development for over 25 years, and this is the distillation. If curating your own consciousness sparks your imagination, then let's get going! We have wonderful work to do together! 

We will guide you every step of the path to prepare for your journey!

About Enrollment 

Upon acceptance of your application for the Training, you will be invited to complete your enrollment and initial deposit. Upon enrollment, you will be given details to choose your ideal training path + access to the initial orientation materials to prepare for MOTHERBOARD.

Tuition is just under $6,000 USD and we offer generous payment plans for those who need them to make it work for their budget. Payment plans can be $200 a month once you complete your training deposit. We truly work with you if this is right for you.

How do I ask a question?  

First, we invite you to visit our Questions and Answers page, which may address your question.

Sarah Mardell is your contact for most questions: - whether logistical, about tuition, the application or curriculum. 

If your question is personal and you wish to connect with Shiloh Sophia directly, you can email her at

We can't wait to learn more about you! ​Registration information is provided upon acceptance of your application.

Applications due TODAY!

Image created by Graphic Recorder, Katherine Torrini

We can't wait to learn more about you! ​Registration information is provided upon acceptance of your application.

Image created by Graphic Recorder, Katherine Torrini

"From late 2013 to mid 2018 was a very personally difficult period in my life. My two brothers died of cancer within a year of each other, and I sustained a head injury, subsequently developing ongoing concentration issues and resigned from my 42 year nursing career. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to navigate that time in my life if I hadn’t had the compass of Intentional Creativity© and the wonderfully supportive group of like- minded women in the Intentional Creativity community. Bringing mindfulness and intention to the art process created a completely different perspective and experience for me" ~ Rosie Mac

 I have had to reinvent my life. Doing so with Intentional Creativity (not only the art part) has put me in a better place mentally, spiritually, and artistically than I have ever been. ~ Dee Pitner

Questions? Contact Sarah Mardell: