We Are Medicine Makers

By Shiloh Sophia

We are medicine makers

we are women between the worlds

navigating star and soil and spit

adding fire to what is already heating up

turning it up

turning it on

turning on

Turning our cups upward to catch moonlight 

Some of us have invited the men to come

some of the men were brave enough to say yes

We offer our brush to the crucible

the flaming tip of our creation tool

sears the fabric between time and space

makng a place for all the messes

including indiscretions like delicacies

We were taught that being good

meant not being wild

and that was wrong!

Now we know that good women

weave with web and cloud

and hoof and claw

and stone and bone

and brush

the wildness that threatened to undo 

all the careful knots of predictability

has finally released herself 

with scissors cutting herself from the trap


Stepping free into new space

her inner compass moves

dead to alive

She feels reasonable fear about what she might do 

She holds her hands around her vessel

expanded with so much space

finding a new place for her stories

mixing prayers with antidotes of glory

She grimaces into the old ideas

shaking residues of old skins and stories

stepping unashamed into her medicine

medicine making women gather

medicine making women gather! 

medicine making women gather! 

and some of the men attend 

We will remind you who you are

and you will remind us who we are.

We will dare you not to turn back

and you will dare us to live this healing

out loud.

But this time - this time

we vow to tell the children

that they carry the magic between worlds

Children, you carry the magic between the worlds

do not forget your creativity

do not forget your creative soul

do not forget that you have an inside self

and the self you live outside in the world

and they must match

children do not forget your magic

goodness does not mean containment

wildness is as natural as  a

blooming rose.