The Healing Fields

By Shiloh Sophia

how does healing happen?

is it…forgetting a little at a time that which hurts

and waking up one morning just feeling a little bit lighter

is it…finally forgiving yourself and the world

by understanding, somehow, we are all wounded with you

is it…realizing that the world is whole after all or accepting

that the world is broken open and has need of your love

is it…noticing a whole day, week or month has gone by

without beating yourself up in the old ways

is it…realizing that this is just how it is right now

and somehow this is oddly, unreasonably, not personal,

or about you at all, this is about us

is it…allowing shadow-work and light-work to co-exist without

striving for either one to be greater or better or good or bad

is it…being willing to lean into your resistances until

the edge of your hardened places creates tender spaces

is it…opening your heart, yes again and wider still,

to a new face, a new heart, a new idea, yes,

a new chance even in the same life you have now

how does healing happen?

chances are, it is happening right now

let’s look with the eyes of love

find the healing fields are ever present

we are co-creating them together

This is our human story,

we are creating this together,

what part in the story will you play?

what story will you tell?