Supplications from an Elemental Traveller Part One : Calling the Circle  

By Shiloh Sophia

Water Shimmer of water on trembling surface Shimmer me with your soft diamond veils Earth Flowering moss salt of earthen forms Flavor me with your sultry crystal shine Fire The sky traveller’s story is illuminated in firelight Waywardness and weariness give way to warmth Air Winged blessing of angel breathing air Cleanse my vast holdings to ancient fears Beneath Mysterious roots of the underground terrains May I attend evening supper in the luminous abyss? Above Soaring heights of swirling stardust twinkle Will you array my cosmic address in such raiment? Center Inside the folded spiral of the thresholded rose I am surrounded by the awareness of belonging Diameter The visible invisible paradox is viewable from here Rubbing hips with the beloved boundaries and edges Source Designer of all that has form, fragrance, firmament Your never-ending intimacy embraces and expands me Human We have travelled here from afar off to inhabit form My body is a temple for spirit to move in matrixed motion Quantum Interconnected particles are weaving love stories May we show up for what is ours to co-create! Circle The circle of all is called from the many directions Here I am, ready to share my life with you ~ ~ ~ Supplications from an Elemental Traveller Part Two : Blessing the Circle Blessings The path is opened by those who are ready to walk May I bring the same grace that has been given to me Animals Creatures of the far and near I hear you roar Teach me your song of scale, fin, fur and feather Harvest Suckling peas, corn of plenty, squash so bright, I fill my basket with plenty of good things to share Light The tears of lovers have created a prismatic door Abandoning all hope to the wildness of true colors Breakthrough Lightning breaks forth in hallelujah electric blue major Parting the veils for heart truths to shimmy forth Dream Watch the moon travel this sky dream dancing across Sweetest slumber re-knits my fabric in restfulness Resilience The stories of us are long are ribboned and coiled Our life unravels the myths that strengthen the way Creativity Intentional transformation internal wilderness May the work of my hands be an offering to Creator Community The gathering up of the remembering ones is now Taking my place in the circle of cathedral trees Gratitude May we elemental travelers remember where we live Giving true thanks for all that is and has been given Amen and Blessed Be