Start building your visual diary of ‘patterns of connectivity’ inspired by the world around you and within you. 

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Video Class with Jassy Watson, featuring Shiloh Sophia 

Bring sharpies and paper to experience a taste of Soulscape® with Jassy Watson!

This easy to do anywhere drawing exercise can: 

  • Awaken a new way of seeing the world  
  • Inspire a deeper connection to the earth  
  • Show us the interrelationship between all living things 
  • Help build imagery of common motifs, patterns, symbols and shapes found in both inner and outer landscapes. 
  • Hear Jassy's story of discovering the connections the inner and outer worlds and how the protection of the earth has made an impact on her.

We'll discuss how Soulscape works within Intentional Creativity® and certification for Soulscape.

Jassy and Shiloh have taught together over many years with a strong connection since 2014. They have been dreaming about Jassy sharing the tree woman teachings in addition to her certification program, designed specifically for our Intentional Creativity teachers, for several years. Jassy is somebody who has truly understood the power of Intentional Creativity. Already a painter, she brought our teachings into her work and now has taught hundreds. Jassy has combined Intentional Creativity and Soulscape to bring us an offering which we will share more about during our call together. We hope you will join us!

Mark making and mark meaning is one of the core lessons and essential steps in the creation of a Soulscape™ painting. Building a narrative in your work can start with the most basic of marks and form inspired by the world around you. Ancient peoples did exactly this; broke down form to basic marks and shapes yet still they managed to tell elaborate and complex stories and myths with their primitive tools and paint made from the earth.

Jassy Watson Earthist Soulscape

Sketches from Jassys journal

Painting from remote communities: Indigenous Australian art from the Laverty Collection, Sydney Image caption: Patrick Tjungurrayi Untittled 2005. Copyright the artist licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency 2007. 

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