INVOCATION : Red Thread Gathering September 13.14.15 MUSEA : Intentional Creativity Campus Sonoma, California  

The drums are beating The songs are being sung The poetry is unfurling The images are awakening The altars are being created  

When women gather we make beauty We are calling you into circle An experience in 'invocation' to amplify your blessings  

3 days, 3 friends with 3 specific forms of medicine that we want to share with you so that you can share it in your own life… and discover your own blessings and personal medicine.  

 What is in your medicine basket?  

The Three Graces Teaching: RITUAL + SONG + IMAGE 

Guided by  

Dr. Mary McCrystal, Lavender Grace and Shiloh Sophia

This is a call to gather with like-hearted sisters along the Red Thread.  

Our guides will 'pass on to you' the Three Graces Teaching. 3 specific teachings YOU can bring into your own life practice, circles and work with groups and individuals. Each one of us has refined our craft all of our lives, and we are distilling medicine we are willing to offer to you. And in inviation to discover your own medicine. 

Lets share stories, dance, play, handpaint drums and create, just like our ancestors did, ​only we'll use more glitter and gather in an a magical art studio and museum, known as MUSEA. Our seventeen redwood trees stand as witness to the beauty of the land called the Valley of the Moon.  

Gathering women in the sacred space of Red Thread Circle, to feel heard, witnessed, seen and supported is part of our red thread. Each of your Guides gathers others in her own circles, and once a year we come together to gather our mutual communities into blessing.

If you could benefit from a retreat experience full of sisterhood, unplugging from the outer world so you can tune into your inner world of discovery and mystery, we would LOVE to have you!

If you are new to the magic and teachings of the Red Thread Connection, you are in for such a treat! In addition to the Three Graces Teaching, we will also share with you the basic teachings of using red thread in your circles.

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INVOCATION : Red Thread Gathering : September 13.14.15  

Tuition is $750 or 5 payments of $155

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Within you is a hidden magic...the power of song, ritual and creation. You haven't forgotten it, even if you haven't been living into your gifts. Together we will re-member, deep in our bones, the beauty of women.

The power of INVOCATION is held within each one of us. It is time to raise up our hands in the power of song, speaking and ceremony.  

All traditions are welcome to join us at the feast table of the Three Graces.

RITUAL Experience creating simple ritual with the elements Learn the features of creating sacred space Discover how you can share this with others Teachings on energy, presence and storytelling  

SONG Access your intuitive Drum Song Discover the hidden song and voice within Practice the reality of sharing your song with others Teachings on women and drum history 

IMAGE Access the symbol that will guide your path Paint this symbolic beauty onto your drum Tune into the brain, body, heart, hand coherence Teaching on how to use image with your clients/students/children

Photos from our 2018 Red Thread Gathering

A letter from our founder, Shiloh Sophia:

Dear Ones, 

I am looking forward to our Red Thread Gathering in September with great anticipation! It seems that an experience of sisterhood, where you can really remove the invisible cape and be authentically YOU, is what we are in need of. When our ancestors were here, gathering for every celebration, rites of passage, as well as birth, death and other events they considered sacred, ritual was a daily part of life. 

For me, while much of my business is online, I feel deeply called to create sacred space where women can gather. Hence, our campus museum and studio, MUSEA. I really LOVE inviting women, both local and from all over the world, to come be together in person. There is a difference when we can hold hands, speak eye to eye and witness each other with our whole heart, which simply isn't the same in the virtual realm. And HOLD the red thread!

I feel so blessed to have my wonderful friend and teacher, Dr. Mary McCrystal come and share her gifts of ritual and ceremony. When Mary is in the room, it is filled with sacred beauty, as you will see. I am so grateful to have her in my life at this time, and we have been on each other's red thread for over twenty years. Mary is also, a potent therapist, painter, and Intentional Creativity Teacher. Another dear friend since childhood, Lavender Grace, will offer her skills of intuitive drum song – an on going tradition that is rooted in the rich history of women. AND Each woman will hand paint her own drum, which you can use to lead your own circles or simply for your own use, to connect with the great mystery. We will work together on accessing the symbols and colors that are perfect for your next place on the path and your personal medicine.

This experience will include connecting in Red Thread Circle and tuning into your piece of the Red Thread, that which is yours to cause and to create, paint, dance, eat good food together and more! We look forward to you joining us and receiving the beauty of gathering with women in sisterhood along the Red Thread.

Let's INVOKE a new era of feminine power, wisdom, song and sharing. The world needs YOUR SPECIFIC MEDICINE. 

with gratitude for our connection,

Your Red Thread Guide Registration Includes:

  • 3 day Red Thread Gathering led by 3 friends
  • Passing on of the Three Graces Teaching - 3 tools of ritual, song and creativity ou can put into use in your own life. 
  • Red Thread Ceremony experience and basic outline for leading 
  • Intuitive Drumming & Song with Lavender Grace 
  • Hand painting your own drum (buffalo drum included)
  • Almost all Materials are included - there are a few things we invite you to bring to decorate your drum.
  • Tea and cake 'cafe' time to hang out with women  

Note: Transportation, lodging and most meals are separate. Find local lodging suggestions here.

Imagine... 3 days of gathering with women in sisterhood and sacred Red Thread space!

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INVOCATION : Red Thread Gathering : September 13.14.15  

Schedule overview (subject to the muse) Friday the 13th, 3pm - 6pm Saturday the 14th, 11am - 6pm Sunday the 15th, 11am - 3pm  

Location: MUSEA in Sonoma, CA 

Tuition is $750 or 5 payments of $155

Guild members receive a $300 tuition savings, use code 'guild' upon checkout

Should you have any questions, contact Sarah Mardell:

The legend says that those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread and that they are ever moving closer to the time when they meet...

Red Thread Gathering Melbourne Australia

About your Guides:


Dr. Mary McCrystal : Intentional Creativity Teacher, Jungian psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist. She specializes in psychological and spiritual well being at her private practice in Northern California. She is a NASW clinical supervisor in trauma treatment. She has over 20 years experience in bodymind healing with non-Western healing traditions, as well as being a licensed massage therapist and instructor.  

Mary is a published author of Maidens in the Red Tent and Revisioning the Feminine Through Intentional Creative Process. She is a certified Intentional Creativity® teacher and coach. Mary holds sacred space and guides people into transformational experiences through integrating psychotherapy, the healing arts, and the Intentional Creativity method.

Lavender Grace : A friend of Shiloh’s since childhood, offers her skills of intuitive drum song – an on going tradition. She facilitates a practice delving into circle, grounding, stretching, tone, chant, song and frame drum. These ancient tools have been used for millennia as a portal to transcend our current state, dispel disease and bring harmony and peace to our hearts and our community. 

Shiloh Sophia : Lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has dedicated her life to the belief that self-expression is a basic human right and shares her message with thousands around the world through her paintings, poetry, and teachings. She leads a global movement of revolutionary education focused in Intentional Creativity®, as offered in the Color of Woman Teacher Training. She co-founded a Studio and Museum, called MUSEA, in Sonoma, California, with her husband Jonathan. Most mornings, she can be found having tea with her Muse, pouring over quantum physics, philosophy, and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe.

Onsite Support Staff:

Red Thread Guide Graduate Amber Gould : Amber is a dynamic creative who practices 'the art of paying attention' in order to see the beauty, truth and insight in the details. Amber is a certified Red Thread Guide, a front-line support worker in a women's transition home, an experienced group facilitator, workshop host, soul poet, musician and folk herbalist. Gifted in supporting others to 'find the words' that authentically express and communicate their value. Genuine and present with a dedication to nurturing connections with and between people. A firm believer in profound effectiveness of kindness and humor as we transition as a people through the Great Turning. Amber is a believer, beyond all reason, in the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.  

Intentional Creativity Teacher Ally Markotich : Ally is passionate about sparking the creative flame that lives within each of us. She’s an artist, poet and Intentional Creativity® teacher who is trained in Spiritual Formation. Ally leads regular workshops designed as a space of renewal and hospitality for those who come. She loves to encourage women and leaders to honor themselves, awaken creative flow and create a vision of hope. A gatherer of sacred circles, Ally uplifts belonging and individual voice as imperative elements of the whole. Ally lives with her husband, Chris, two sons and yellow lab among the pine trees of North Carolina where a stop for ice cream is always possible. 

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What is the the Red Thread? At the most basic, it is simply a red thread used in an intentional connection. A Red Thread is a symbolic and literal tool for transformation. Leading experiences with a Red Thread includes circles, conversations, and ceremonies to create a powerful feeling of connection and belonging for you and your guests. 

From birth to death...and all the bumps in the road along the journey...many of us long for initiation experiences to mark the passing of time. Whether that is a celebration or a trauma, or the marking of passing from one relationship to another, human beings seek out delineation in cycles.  

We want to know where we have been and then put it behind us and move into a new space - yet we are often at a loss for ritual. Red Thread Ceremonies create the context for living a life well loved, and being able to provide initiatory experiences for others and yourself.

The Red Thread is a sacred technology : A sign of connection + destiny + desire + protection + transformation  

In our circles we say 'tug on the red thread' if you need to feel us with you, and in an instant, we are there.  

When we call circle together, you can feel the love and the sisterhood. This is the kind of gathering that changes the way you feel about Red Thread Circles and perhaps gathering your own beloveds into circle. Come Join us!  

Our Red Thread Gathering from 2018