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Join us for Season 3 SPLASH : NEW 2020 Episodes from Painters broadcast from their studio!


Here is our current speaker lineup for 2020, with more to come. WOW!! 

Shiloh Sophia

Artist, Poet, Author and Host of Power Creatives TV

Cheif Luisha Teish

Author, Teacher, Storyteller, Artist-Activist and Spiritual Guide

Leigh J. McCloskey

Artist, Author, Mystic & Creator of Hieroglyph for the Human Soul

Flora Aube

Artist, Poet and Founder of Art of Allowing Academy

Nicholas Wilton

Artist and Founder of ART2LIFE

Max Dashu

Founder of The Suppressed History Archives 

Andrew Johnstone

Artist, Astronomer & Project Lead for Burning Man Earth Project

Laura Hollick

Artist, Visionary Guide and Founder of Soul Art Certification

Aviva Gold

Art Medicine Woman and Author of Painting from the Source

Carmen Baraka

'Spirit Warrior', Activist & Ceremony Leader

Flora Bowley

Painter, Pioneer and Author of Brave Intuitive Painting

More PCTV Teachers will be announced ongoing!

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Our Alchemical Cafes will take you to the edge of the comfort zone and invite you into the flames of transformation!

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