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~ Proprietors~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud Jonathan McCloud

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MUSETTE Atelier 

72 Main Street, Tiburon, CA


MUSEA : Intentional Creativity 75 Fremont Drive, Sonoma, CA  

We are telling stories through curated exhibitions of artisan wine, art and experiences. 

Musette is the ‘museum store and wine cafe' for our museum which is both virtual and literal. 

You can find more information here very soon on our locations around the world.  

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Musette Press Release

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Contact: Jonathan & Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Proprietors Phone: 415 937-5434 Email:

Musette Atelier Announces Opening in Tiburon Art + Wine = A Love Story  

(Tiburon, CA August, 2019) She is an artist and writer. He is a chef and sommelier. Together they are business owners and operators across a spectrum of interests. When the husband and wife team of Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan came together, a love story started that soon will result in an innovative art and wine experience, right in downtown Tiburon.  

The pair joined their creative forces in 2013 with events in the Bay Area and around the world, now serving tens of thousands of clients with a philosophy and lifestyle concept they call Intentional Creativity®. The brand that serves all these interests is named “Musea”, Latin for multiple museums.  

From the French, Musette meaning ‘little muse’ and atelier, meaning workshop, the vision for the venue is intended to be romantic and inspiring. Sipping a sparkling glass on the front patio, reading poetry on the custom crafted banquets or whispering sweet somethings across the table, this is the place where passions intersect.  

The proprietors have spent a fair amount of time dining in and studying cafes in Paris, Florence, Copenhagen, New York, Melbourne, New Orleans and more, allowing their life experiences to inform their vision and a sense of ‘place’, a unique mix of global and local, just like Tiburon.  

Hand curated cuisine and wines with stories from wine makers they personally know will be paired alongside of the artist’s works of art and writing, custom curated for the venue.  

“Our background in the arts and hospitality inspired us to create an experience that we would personally be attracted to.” says Chef McCloud. “Enjoying places crafted with an intent to uplift and experience beauty becomes even more relevant during challenging times in the world. We want our guests to feel nourished, and sparked by their time here and to expand their pallette!” says Artist McCloud.  

The model is a museum store and cafe. The McClouds are founders of a private museum and legacy, thus, the Tiburon location is a gateway to the rest of their offerings The future holds plans for a micro version of the museum as well event space for pop-up supper clubs, salons and gatherings.  

Shiloh is proud of being a Marin native, she says “What happens at Musette and the culture we create there is part of the mythic, poetic story we tell about our lives, our relationships and this land. Marin has long been the place of enchantment for artists, writers, musicians and chefs, with the boho eccentric edge that is part of what defines this area. My mom was born in Oakland, and my dad in Marin. This is my home and it has taken me a while to really claim that.” Shiloh has owned galleries and represented many artists in the Bay Area since 1999 and her family had a gallery in Sausalito in the 60’s, shops in Sonoma in the 70’s and members of her lineages were featured in art shows in North Beach during the Beat scene in the 50’s.  

Chef McCloud served in the USAF when young and spent 8 years in service as a ParaRescue operator. After completing, he found himself in San Francisco and washing plates in a basement kitchen downtown. Ever curious and hard working, he became a cook, sous chef and then a trained Chef and remained in the business for nearly 30 years. He has served with culinary and service teams that have a combined 7 Michelin Stars over time, including Bradley Ogden, Charlie Trotter, Lutèce, Commanders Palace and Saison. He has owned his own restaurants in the Dallas / Ft. Worth and Las Vegas markets.  

Shiloh and Jonathan have been curating experiences both locally and globally serving thousands of guests a month, in person and online, as well as travel with groups abroad. WIth a location in Healdsburg for ten years, followed by a move to a larger space in 2016 in Sonoma, the two have quite a following for their workshops, products and themed supper clubs. Their Sonoma venue, is a 6500 square foot classroom, studio, museum housing their collection, micro-farm, vineyard and has served as a private inn.  

About their concept, the couple says: “Intentional Creativity arises from the idea that when we make things, we have a choice of what intention we put into the creation. The creation itself is impacted by that intention, as well as the one creating, and perhaps even the person who later experiences the creation.  

Those of you from the area will know this famous green building was a wine bar to Windsor Winery for over thirty years. This new offering will draw on the best of the past and the hopes for the future creating what the pair term “a romantic gem” in the heart of Tiburon.  

“We are very excited to be working with historic Arc Row. We believe in the town of Tiburon, once as dreamers that aspired to be here and now as merchants, fully participating in creating a singular destination. Tiburon is recreating itself for the future and we are thrilled to be in community here,” says Chef McCloud.  

The two tell a story which you may hear upon visiting them, about their first date and the wine that spilled into a painting and the a red thread. But you will have to come in for your own glass and a story to hear what happened next. Further, Shiloh is currently editing a fiction story that includes their Tiburon location. Guests will find bits of the legend woven throughout the products, the team, and oh, the stories we will tell!  

Musettes debut is carefully being curated in cooperation with local and county agencies. Waiting palates may expect to see us with announcements very soon.  

Until the doors open you can visit them online and sign up for updates to be invited to their opening celebrations and classes.  

Musette is an Art and Wine venue located in Tiburon, CA.  


For More Information:  

Musette Jonathan & Shiloh Sophia McCloud 72 Main Street Tiburon CA 94920 707-318-8189 Direct Office: Musea @ 75 Fremont Dr. Sonoma CA 95476  



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