In search of our mother's garden we find our own. ~ Alice Walker

RSVP to learn more about MUSEA : Healing Arts Collective and Co-Working Venue. We have three venues available for your work: Sonoma, Tiburon and Anderson Valley and we are forming a circle for us to gather & support each other.

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We are calling BAY AREA Wise and Wild Women for a Healing Arts Collective : We are Seeking Women Leaders and Teachers who need space to teach and gather and who are looking for connection with their peers.  

Artists. Healers. Guides. Coaches. Teachers. Authors. Makers. Dreamers. Therapists. Speakers. Shamans. Practitioners. Authors. Bodyworkers. Innovators. Designers. Musicians. Dancers. Instructors. Shop-keepers. Chefs. Intentional Creatives. 

Let's gather together with our hearts and minds to explore what's possible. 

Reverend Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure! Her family started a legacy in art and curating spaces for women when she was a little baby. She has continued in this lineage of transformation for close to 25 years. As an artist, teacher and curator, her legacy includes curating consciousness with her philsophy rooted in Intentional Creativity® 

She is joining with other Bay Area women philanthropists and healers to bring you this conversation and opportunity. She and her husband Jonathan and the Intentional Creativity Guild co-founded an NGO 501c3 for members in 2016.  

Here are a few photos from our Sonoma Campus. Request to learn more and see photos of each venue + information about what MUSEA : Healing Arts Collective is all about.

MUSEA : Intentional Creativity 75 Fremont Drive, Sonoma, CA  

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~ Proprietors~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud Jonathan McCloud

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