Your invitation to the Midnight Muse Virtual Painting Retreat in April guided by Shiloh Sophia 

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*Tuition savings for Red Thread Cafe Classroom Members + Students Payment plans available. 

The MUSE lives in the land of imagination.  

She is inviting you to tea at midnight  

with a group of women gone wild around the world.  

This is your Invitation to...

See with new eyes... that which has been hidden Hear with new ears... that which has been unspoken

Midnight Muse  

Intentional Creativity Virtual Painting Retreat  

Guided by Shiloh Sophia

All Videos are recorded and provided upon registration Support provided through end of April No painting experience is needed  

Let's gather our energies together from across the world and access the prowess, power and possibility of the MUSE.

Your Muse has something she wants to tell you...will you listen? With the combined energy of so many women working together, we will harness the power of collective creativity in an intentional, sacred and playful experience.  

Dear Ones, as you know, we have a very incredible community in Intentional Creativity and the Red Thread. Let's get together for a MUSE RETREAT, shall we? You could call girlfriends and have a slumber party. You could call a circle and watch and paint together. Painting pajamas are the recommended attire! You can watch the videos anytime and take as long as you need. Everything is downloadable.

Here's how it will work:

  • video calls to connect us so you know who is playing
  • MUSE painting videos that are yours to keep
  • muse dares to get your juices flowing
  • a short shopping list to delight your muse 
  • online circle to support your process through end of April


Sound juicy? It truly is. Come experience the 'sacred technology' of the Muse 


What is your MUSE whispering to you in the wee hours of the morning when the moon is peeking through the window?

This is a call to the collective community!  

Let's create, heal and awaken together.  

How many women can we get painting together for our own muse convergence? To awaken together in our collective mojo? 

Midnight Muse Registration

Class Ticket: $295

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We're gonna make this REALLY easy for you.

Guild Members, Cosmic Cowgirls and Dance of the Critic & the Muse Students, use code 'muse' for 50% savings (promo code is all lower case)

Members of the Red Thread Cafe Classroom, use code 'red' for 25% savings (promo code is all lower case)

No painting experience needed. 

100% money back guarantee if you do the process and it doesn’t knock your red striped socks off!  

Basic materials: 36x48 minimum canvas, acrylic paint, brushes in a variety of sizes 

Questions? Contact our team:

Muses speak in Myth and Glyph in the land where the wild things are….  

  Within each one of us a hidden self awaits awakening.  

That hidden self speaks in symbols both personal and collective.  

Most of us don’t know how to get in, past the voices that hold us back.  

Access is granted through creativity embodied.  

  That which we call the Muse is really access to the hidden self  

She is waiting to speak to you…

In the Muse teachings you will experience...  

  • ACCESS your link to your pure and wild imagination
  • EXPLORE the core teachings of a Muse-Led life according to Shiloh Sophia - you have your own but these will spark your list!  
  • MOVE stuck energy through embodied movement and integration of brain and body  
  • CREATE your own MUSE Archetype to inspire and guide you, in a step by step process  
  • GAIN lasting access to the deepest soul space available  
  • DISCOVER your hidden longings from the wild terrain  
  • EXPERIENCE a sense of connection with Intentional Creativity sisters worldwide  
  • Shiloh will also share a few basics on brushes, brush handling, brush washing, how much paint to use on the brush and when to go wet and when to go dry and why... 

Message from Shiloh Sophia  

One of my very first video classes was called Tea with the Muse. It was recorded so many moons ago in my Healdsburg art studio in 2011ish. I remember the day I filmed that class, and the joy I felt in sharing material about the Muse that was so near and dear to my heart. It is time for an update. In these years I have learned SO MUCH about how to access the Muse - and I want to share it with you. This isn't just a painting class, this is sacred technology and the philosophy by which I live.  

I hope you will join us for Midnight tea, I can just FEEL all of our Muses gathering together for this experience and it is truly exciting!

Retreat Overview

You can take this journey LIVE or do the class later at your leisure as everything is recorded and downloadable.

In total, between zoom circles and other videos, there will be approx. 10 hours of video. You will likely spend longer on your own painting process, going at a pace that works for you. No need to rush through it as all the material is yours to keep. 

Through end of April, you'll receive support in the Red Thread Cafe Classroom from Intentional Creativity Teachers.  

May 1st is a Closing Zoom Circle to complete the cycle of our class together and to come share your MUSE painting (optional and recorded)! 

Materials List

  • 36x48 or larger canvas
  • Brushes in a variety of sizes including a biggie and a liner
  • Sharpie marker - black
  • Spray bottle! Essential
  • Acrylic paint in colors of the rainbow. We suggest Golden brand liquid paint. 
  • Upon registration a full materials list will be provided.

Intentional Creativity

When we create, in any medium, we enter a co-creative relationship between energy and matter, and a dance begins. When we work with image, word, heart, mind, body and energy we gain access to our greater, often hidden capacity to see, feel, hear, know and act in authentic alignment. ~ Shiloh Sophia

Image and word, together with energy awareness, alchemize stuck patterns and give them an invitation to move along. Then a new space is created in which we can invent from the soul. In this, we also engage in new ways with consciousness.

A few shares from Shiloh Sophia's students...

 "Thank you! I am SO grateful for this process. The painting that I am working on is the first painting I have done (for over twenty years). I am in awe of the depth that I moved into, the awareness that so much is going on simultaneously in my life and that this is just what I need to be doing for a whole variety of reasons. Thank you Shiloh! Thank you Jonathan! Thank you team that has worked tirelessly in the background. "~Meghan  

"I am just amazed! I have the most beautiful painting, but more importantly my painting tells me a story. My story. This process has healed my heart and I will continue to use the process long after the weekend. Thank you so much." ~ Sabrina  

"The heartfelt acceptance and nurturing and connection to the work, the experience and the community was just beautiful. I applaud all of you for your amazing efforts. I experienced a huge shift in my spiritual, emotional and physical areas in my life and I am a real fan of Shiloh & Jonathan’s work." ~Karina 

"I'm a newbie to painting and Intentional Creativity, and this course definitely "hooked" me. There was so much information shared in this course from Jonathan and Shiloh. I can't say that I absorbed it all, but it was all very mind-expanding. I'm pretty sure there was smoke coming out of my head a few times as I tried to process things or from being blown away by it all. Fantastic! "~Patty Lammatteo 

Midnight Muse takes place in the Red Thread Cafe Classroom (our Facebook group for collaborative IC work) with support for an additional two weeks from Intentional Creativity Teachers.  

Not a member? GO HERE to join. 

Join us for a wildly creative experience!

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My Muse is hungry.  

Feed her chocolate and red beer.  

Give her purple lingerie  

trimmed in lavender lace.  

Give her quills with gold ink  

for goodness sakes.  

Don't you know what's at stake?  

  excerpt from Hungry Muse, by Shiloh Sophia

About Shiloh Sophia:  

Shiloh Sophia lives her life as a great adventure guided by her muse. She has explored art as a path of healing and revelation for 25 years through painting, poetry and creative process. Her work has formed a movement and methodology called Intentional Creativity. Her community of teachers often serves upwards of 25K women a month, through revolutionary education online and in person. Her classroom, Musea, is in Northern California where she lives with her husband, Jonathan.

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