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Moving Energy with Image-making ~ An Experiential practice The Science of Intentional Creativity ~ How it works and why The Somatics of Imagination ~ Revealing the hidden

We are thrilled to hold a LIVE Salon to share about Energy, Science, Imagination and the Quantum aspect of Intentional Creativity! If you are interested in learning HOW Intentional Creativity can impact your life in seen and unseen ways, AND how to use it to awaken consciouness, healing and transformation in others, we hope you will join us for this insightful and FUN Salon! 

We will also talk about MOTHERBOARD: Intentional Creativity Method® Coaching Certification Training for those who desire to serve others using the cutting edge technology of Visual Language. How can using simple paper/pen be such a powerful process for your clients? Join us and find out! 

If inspired, we appreciate you sharing this free salon with your friends 

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