Are you carrying unnecessary suffering by thinking things 'should' be different?

Are you claiming that everything that happens to you for a reason?

How can you create more resiliency for yourself in the journey ahead?

Let's connect in Red Thread Circle with Intentional Creativity® and see what happens...

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Intentional Creativity Experience
with Artist and Teacher Shiloh Sophia

FREE LIVE Zoom Call Monday, April 6

Shiloh Sophia will be teaching an Intentional Creativity® Discovery Model that you can use again and again for decision making and catalyzing change in your life. We will be applying this model towards liberating ourselves!

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A recent share from a Liberate participant: "This was your best class ever. It was so close to my heart's concerns. I am going to cherish and apply what l learned for a long time to come." 

The way we create our lives is as unique each one of us. There isn't a one size fits all. There are lots of things that need our attention and justice right now. So why am I focusing on this one? Because: If we can't think for ourselves and have domain over our own consciousness, we can't create the revolution we and others need. And want. 
So that we can experience connection and creativity together to sustain us!

To think for yourself, you must empower yourself. 

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Shiloh Sophia is a leader in curating consciousness through Intentional Creativity®. Her groundbreaking work in transformational art is taught at universities, schools, hospitals, clinics, social service settings, the United Nations and the corporate sector. For 25 years she had lead a global movement rooted in self expression as a basic human right. Her work reaches of thousands of women through art and education and ther are over 300 certified teachers worldwide.

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