Intentional Creativity Video Teachings
with Shiloh Sophia

Enjoy these powerful Intentional Creativity teachings offered by founder, Shiloh Sophia.
This selection of videos provides the viewer with a glimpse into the multiple dimensions and rich inner workings of this powerful creative modality. Our hope is that these teachings will ignite an even deeper curiosity within you toward your own creative power and potential. May you choose to be at cause for our own transformation with Intentional Creativity!

Intentional Creativity
Lineage and Cosmology

A Brush with Healing
Intentional Creativity Movie

Get a cup of tea and a journal. Light a candle. Sit with us for a spell and see and hear the story of an enduring legacy of art-making, passed from hand to hand. Traveling throughout the world, touching thousands a month, Intentional Creativity brings new consciousness to the power of art as a tool for personal and collective healing. A Story of a Community Coming Together to Make Art and Make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

The Wild and Sacred Nature of
Intentional Creativity

We live in an irreconciable paradox - leadership is needed, but so many of us are held back from answering our call. The mind wants us to be an expert but the body of work just wants us to show up. This is the sacred and wild nature of our body of work - it is lived out over a lifetime. Shiloh Sophia shares with us her conception of her body of work through Intentional Creativity and inspires us to consider our own body of work.

Awakening to
What is Possible

Have you ever had a wake-up experience that you feel changed your life? After which everything was different for you? Shiloh Sophia shares her journey from artist to educator, seeking the answer to an important question - how does someone come into consciousness?

Access to What is Hidden

In this video teaching, Shiloh Sophia takes about Intentional Creativity as a pathway to accessing flow state. This state takes us beyond the pre-frontol cortex or the 'dominatrix', as she likes to call it. When we engage with flow state in this way, we gain access to what is hidden and can find new ideas, new information and new ways of being.

Your Place in the Universe

When you think about your place in the universe, what comes up for you? Do you feel infintisimally small? Or large and infinite? Or pehaps a little bit of both. In this video, Shiloh Sophia shares with us how working with what we believe we are able to be more powerful and access a state of enchantment with creation. We can live with a sense of awe. She also shares how Intentional Creativity brings us into authentic power and possibility and puts into a deep connection with our place in the universe.

Tender Stone - Exploring the Lineage
of Intentional Creativity

A conversation with Grace Steenberg of Denmark and Shiloh Sophia about our Intentional Creativity lineage. In May of 2016 Grace traveled to a very remote part of Norway to visit and connect with a stone sculpture placed there 53 years ago by Lenore Thomas Straus who was the guardian and mentor to Sue Hoya Sellars, the teacher of Shiloh Sophia, who would go on to found the global Intentional Creativity Foundation. This is the first conversation in a series of stories about our lineage, philosophy and approach to creating.

The Four Layers of
Intentional Creativity

In this video Shloh Sophia shares the four layers of Intentional Creativity - exploring a philosphy of how creativity can have an impact on our lives, bring mindfulness to day to day activities, and bring forth works of art that reflect the longings and breakthroughs of our souls. This was passed down through the lineage of Intentional Creativity through Lenore Thomas Strauss and Sue Hoya Sellars. A rich and meaningful teaching.

Called To Create

A peek into the origins of Intentional Creativity. Shiloh Sophia's journey to discover that which was within her. This was a 25-year journey to discover a new kind of creativity. A form of creating that has deep roots leading back to our collective ancestors, and the principle of making with intention.

Ancestors, Scientists and Quantum Mindfulness

What do the ancestors and the scientists know that we don't know? Perhaps it is the idea that when we focus on something, what we focus on changes. We know that at the quantum level, the behavior of electrons changes when being viewed. In this video Shiloh Sophia talks about the universal witness-witness reality and introduces us to Quantum Mindfulness.

The Critic and the Muse

Muse Metacognitive Drawing

Shiloh Sophia takes us on a playful journey to connect with our Muse, recognizing the invitation to a part of ourselves that we often dont listen to and have in many ways silenced and cut off. In th absence of that voice, the critical voice rises and becomes louder than the voice of our Muse. In this video, Shiloh guides a Metacognitive drawing process to help us connect with the voice of the Muse and work on rewiring ourselves for more self expression.

New In Town - Critic and Muse

In this video, Shiloh Sophia introduces us to the voices of both the critic and the muse that can show up when we step into creativity. One moves us into flow and the other says, "No!" She brings to light the ways in which the Critic tempts us to compare ourselves to others, be hyper-critical, and distract us from the creative task at hand. And the Muse knows that it's her birthright to create, play, have fun and explore!


A peek into Intentional Creativity in action...

Medicine Painting

An intimate exploration of Intentional Creativity in process with Shiloh Sophia. Here she is in process with Antropas - a 13 moon painting process.

Cantos For Reclaiming
- The Making of a Painting

The Story of the Painting By Shiloh Sophia - the build, symbols and meaning... Custom Commission Created for the Collaborative Book by Flower of Life Press Red, gold, orange, crimson, umber – forging an environment of sacred fire and chaos. Next is the mapping out sacred geometry on a piece of wood I have had for over 9 years. Marking out Fibbonaci spirals, Vesica pisces and Seeds of life blooming. I draw them by hand so the organic nature of creation is held here, even though I know it will disappear in the layers. It will always be there. Underneath what we see, there is another world. The journey begins with a prayer. Weaving together the energies and stories of 23 women speaking.

Apothecary Medicine Painting

A video compilation of the Apothecary Medicine Painting workshop in Australia. Enjoy the drumming, dancing, group connection, and painting. This is powerful community making.

Materials Overview:
Get Your Studio Ready to Paint!

In this video Shiloh Sophia shares with us some of the materials we love to use in Intentional Creativity. She shows us how she sets up her workstation with the ingredients for beauty and ritual, often including things from out in nature, essential oils, and red thread. She also shared with us specific materials that are used in her painting processes and a few tips and tricks!

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