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The Intentional Creativity® Foundation is a a 501c3 founded in 2015 to develop the work and reach of Intentional Creativity. It is guided by the Board and the Intentional Creativity Guild consisting of over 300 teachers worldwide who are trained and certified in the Intentional Creativity Method. The method brings a focus on the philosophy, the how and why, as well as the impact and influence creating with mindfulness can, and does have, on our lives. While we believe creating is for everyone, our VISION is to make creativity accessible and to educate about the importance of creativity in the development of the human being.

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Your contributions go directly to assist our Guild Members to create and maintain the creation of programs and initiatives that further Intentional Creativity in their communities all over the world. The Intentional Creativity Foundation, Inc. is a Federally (USA) and State (California) recognised 501(c)3 organization.