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The Red Thread Cafe Classroom is our community Facebook group where we go to connect and support each other through our creativity process. 

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*Please note: This is a private group. All members must request access to join. If you are new to Shiloh’s community and you don’t get approved, please make sure you have a profile image that is your face or a painting. If you have been waiting for approval please send us an email and we will get you added to the classroom. Email: support@musea.org

Have you been wondering about the world of Intentional Creativity® and how to bring it more fully into your life and work? Intentional Creativity Founder, Shiloh Sophia will join us for this 'cafe' experience to share with us about the primary Curriculum and Certifications through MUSEA : Intentional Creativity Foundation. 

"Intentional Creativity is a foundation for change, impact and transformation both personally and at the level of community. This is not a style or a course, or a brand in a classic sense. Intentional Creativity is a philosophy and practice that belongs to all beings. This way of working has always been what our ancestors used when creating things in 'form'. When people ask me how they can help the world. I have an answer. It starts with your own consciousness and freedom in your inner world, and from there you call circle with others in the outer world. We need leaders and guides who are centered from the inside so they are aligned with their own truth and integrity. Intentional Creativity is access to the deepest place possible, your own inner world." ~ Shiloh Sophia

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