Shiloh Sophia interviews Co-Founder of MUSEA : Intentional Creativity, Jonathan McCloud

Understanding how the brain works with and reponds to creativity is a valuable insight when it comes to the practice and process of Intentional Creativity. If you are able to understnd how transformation is occuring within you from the neuroscientific lens and at the level of the brain while you create, it will change your relationship to the process. We are in the business of changing people's minds - literally!  

We invite you to watch this powerful Cafe where we talk about firing and wiring, transforming trauma, pain point or pleasure point, PTSD (with new meaning for the 'd'), the power of intention with creativity, healing from the healing field instead of the trauma field, why it matters right now for resiliency and so much more! We completed with a powerful 5 minute metacognitive drawing practice!

Link to Transcript

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