Metacognitive Consciousness Class with Shiloh Sophia 

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Learn Five Sacred Inquiries for Self Awareness

"Shiloh Sophia, thank you! When I signed up for my first metacognitive drawing class, I never imaged that I would be creating art the way I am today. And also sharing the gift with others. Sending gratitude along the thread." - Intentional Creativity Teacher Kelly House

Experience how creativity can catalyze your consciousness. Give your logical mind a rest, and let your pen or brush do the work! 

Does the thought of creating bring up fear? We talk about that too.

Bring paper, pen and a willingness to be surprised!

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1. Do you believe it is possible to awaken by choice? 2. Do you feel that you are already as conscious as you can be?  

Join Shiloh Sophia, Co-Founder of MUSEA, for an experiment in awakening through Metacognitive Consciousness.

Shiloh Sophia says this about the experience:  

"I don't know if it is possible to awaken by choice. Yet I know there are five very sacred inquiries one can ask themselves to improve self awareness. I will share them with you in this experience. 

 There are lots of places we can put our attention, energy, and love. Yet if we aren't awake, are those choices truly guided from our deepest place of knowing?  

I can't think of anything MORE IMPORTANT than waking ourselves up. Through Intentional Creativity®, access is often more direct and quick - let's give it a try, shall we?"  

"Intentional Creativity is a foundation for change, impact and transformation, both personally and at the level of community. This is not a style or a course, or a brand in a classic sense. Intentional Creativity is a philosophy and practice that belongs to all beings. This way of working has always been what our ancestors used when creating things in 'form'. When people ask me how they can help the world. I have an answer. It starts with your own consciousness and freedom in your inner world, and from there you call circle with others in the outer world. We need leaders and guides who are centered from the inside so they are aligned with their own truth and integrity. Intentional Creativity is access to the deepest place possible, your own inner world." ~ Shiloh Sophia