Art Collections
From Intentional Creativity Students and Teachers

Cosmic Cowgirls LEGEND
Legendary Women 2018 Collection

The Legendary Women show features paintings from our Cosmic Cowgirls LEGEND course, guided by Shiloh Sophia, Jenafer Joy, and Mary MacDonald.

The Legendary Women Gallery Show 2018 features the work of both experienced and beginning painters based on the work they created in the signature Cosmic Cowgirl Course: LEGEND. LEGEND has been running for over 10 consecutive years with hundreds of students. It is an Intentional Creativity journey designed to lead you into the heart of your personal story with an invitation to transform your life into a LEGEND. The process is focused in image and word and each woman gaining access to her internal voice. This experience is life changing for how women view themselves, their relationships and their worldview.

Alchemy of the Soul
Color of Woman 2015 Collection

Alchemy of the soul is what happens when we choose to journey into the mystery of our own creative identity. We transform ourselves from within.

"As you view the work of these inspiring artists from around the world, you can see and feel the way the images hold the message of the alchemy that happened for each woman on her question, and hopefully receive the blessing they hold for you. " ~ Shiloh Sophia

Color of Woman
Visionary Woman 2017 Collection

Enjoy this powerful collection of paintings from the graduates of the 2017 Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training.

Each of the paintings featured in this collection was created through the 13-step Intentional Creativity painting process, and each woman artist completed at least 5 of these archetypal paintings through the course of this 9-month visionary journey.

Many of the women who enter this groundbreaking teacher training have little to no actual painting or art experience before starting the program. And yet, as you can see, the works of art created are incredibly beautiful, rich in meaning, and powerful in their impact on the viewer. Each woman emerges from this program as an artist - if she chooses to!

The Soulfire Collection
from Color of Woman

The Soul Fire Collection from Color of Woman is a statement by 42 woman artists that healing and transformation is possible through intentional creativity. Just 2 years ago none of these paintings existed. The canvas served as a portal to access our minds and hearts. 8 out of 10 of us did not identify as artists. These works are a testament to the power of beauty and story as an antidote to negative self images and suffering. Many of us have spent our lives trying to hide who we are and silencing our voices and images in order to be safe. To risk being self expressed is to risk being fully alive. This show is dedicated to lighting the soul fires of human beings. We are gathering a tribe of creative beings... We are the Red Thread Nation

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