A Rite of Passage in Paint  

An invitation for soul and body to come together for a creative spiritual voyage  

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Intentional Creativity® Certificate Course Teachings Delivered Online Join us for 13 moons.

Are you curious about a creative curriculum that creates a context for you to access your own content and shape it into a codex onto a canvas while riding through cosmic consciousness?  

If so, you have arrived at the perfect portal for your passage


Guided by Shiloh Sophia with Jenafer Joy

Anthropas is a non-template template to shape your own Intentional Creativity Spiritual Practice. A Noetic Teaching Codex we're calling:  


Each one of these teachings will be brought into the painting and writing experience. Inviting you into territory you have never been in before...because you are defining that territory for yourself. They won't likely make sense to you now, we cannot possibley reveal the entire codex for all to see...it is for your eyes only. Think of it like a riddle of mystical things to come...

.Metacognitive Consciousness. .Following Threads of Light. .Devotion Meditation. .Access to Your Hidden Pages. .Emanative Sensual Intelligence. . .Quantum Collective. .Co-creative Self Liberation. .Elemental Rituals and Rites. .Deprogram existing Programs. .Design Your Template for Being. .Sacred Centers of the Body. .Codexing from the Cosmos. .Image Moving of Energy. .Ride the Equal Sign. . Neuroscientific Rewiring Riddles. .Dissolving Default Settings. .Colorful Arcs of Compassion. .Resiliency for Rebels. .Story Shaking Shifting. .Mystic Archetype Poetics. .Falling in Love with the Universe. .Cultivating Blissballz. .Emanative Body Intelligence. .Visible Invisible Frameworks. .Dark Moon Noetics. .Color Palette Science. 13 Thresholds of Awesome.  

As well as super duper fun stuff like  

.Daring Painting Dives. .Cutting-edge Collage. .Eccentric Supper Clubs. .Light Body Dancing. .Tea with the Muses. . Mystical Creative Guests.  

Join us to begin navigating the future with women's ways of knowing guiding us

Your painting IS the mythic journey towards this threshold of consciousness. How often have you TRULY taken the time, space and necessary ceremony to honor where you have be so you can honor where you are going next?  

Through our time together you will develop your own philosophy for being, and it will be documented in image in your own painting.  

Our curriculum will culminate in a self initiatory Rite of Passage that you design. This is about you, for you. Time like this, dedicated to your own sacred space, is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. 

Let us leave the gateway of the known shore the familiar door we have gone through before. We shall sip star milk from the cradle cup of the new moon. Sip to remember a way not lost, yet not known, yet sought for since you began.  

Dear Creative One, Do you feel your heart pitter pattering? Your mind reaching for the unknown? A craving for the brush? 

To join or not to join, that IS the question.  

If you are called, come! You wont be disappointed in the least. Navigating your own consciousness in real time and designing a dedicated spiritual practice with Intentional Creativity is a blast. That said, if you aren't committed to showing up to paint at least 4 hour a month then, choose a different course.

DEVOTED WORK - Are you up for it?  

I went to look in my files for an image to put with Devoted Work, and I found this one, perfect and strange: a quick snapshot of one of Sue's bookshelves from this summer. An original sculpture of Mother Eve with the serpent over her cranium, as Sue thought of the forbidden fruit as the woman choosing awakening at all costs. Then to the left of that there is a brown box with knife that belonged to Carmen Barakas' father, Chief Running Horse, and we use it for red thread here. Above the head are Lenore's books. Then to the right, there is a small photograph of me at 4 or 5, with clay.  

Hard work is sacred work.  

Once you register, your first assignment is to book four hours just after the new moon on your calendar for 13 moons. 

If that is already too much, then don't sign up. I was trained in a chop wood carry water make clay mentorship. The hard work was part of what was required to break through. My mom, Caron and my grandmother Eden were carpenters, Sue sculpted wood and clay, Lenore carved stone, and we need to get into the power of sacred work and committments that really matter to us, our OWN creativity. Developing our own creative life brings soul and body together. 

It isn't a concept, it is a practice of devotion. Note that we will also be inviting you to bring Anthropas into your day to dy life and relationships, as well as into your paintings that you need to finish. 

Power Milagro Angel by Sue Hoya Sellars

Often, I give my students a lot of room to do or not do, but not this time. In this course, I request that you to show up, as I show up. For every full moon for 8 years and also every new moon for 2 years I have painted and taught for the Intentional Creativity community. This is a serious commitment that shapes my entire life calendar and choices. And for Anthropas, I only want those who truly can and will devote themselves in a similar way. All courses are drawn from the field we co-create. So, to bring this through, I will do my work and I need you to do your own. 

Life can be hard, and so often we feel we need a break from 'hard work'. Fine then, let's call it, Devoted Work.  

My Painting Practice and My New Class from Musea Broadcasting on Vimeo.

I can give you all the details in the world, but mostly you just need to feel it. Those who have travelled with me know that a yearlong Intentional Creativity experience is always worth the price of admission. Working on a gi-normous canvas is a worldshifting, mind shaping, body waking coming home that alters the CONTEXT in which you experience your life.  

You will be invited all along the way to have artist dates, tea with the muse, recommended readings, controversial movies, and to host eccentric supper clubs with friends and students in your area. Do you remember the scene in Star Wars with Jabba? Sort of like that...but without any bar fights.

"Most of the best freighter pilots can be found here. Only watch your step. This place can be a little rough." Obi-Wan Kenobi, to Luke Skywalker

This is a 13 Moon Adventure

Pour a cup of cosmic tea and join me for a spell... there are a few things I have been wanting to talk to you about....  

Let's begin with an essential teaching within the Intentional Creativity Lexicon of Creatologia, one that will be essential for our journey. 

Within your imagination, you have your own visionary screen (invisible) represented by your physical canvas (visible). We will show you how to work your visionary screen to give you the greatest access to the domain of bliss, where the soul and body reside together.  

Chosen curation of consciousness is the pathway to access. You don't just do it one time, you practice it OVER TIME.

I will be charting the collective course along with my co-captain, Artist and Muse, Jenafer C. Owen. We have been working together for over ten years bringing Cosmic Cowgirls Curriculum to tens of thousands of women. My God-Daughter Hazel has been painting along with us on these giant paintings since she could hold a brush. Hazel creates daily and is being raised in the field of creativity, she is our mini-muse. Jena and I are sure she will surpass our talents in no time.

Together we will travel through 13 thresholds stopping each new moon to reflect where we have been so far, and exploring where we are now. Dancing at each threshold. At each stop you will gather new insights, access and develop your information. Layer upon painted layer of your own sacred wisdom revealed through Intentional Creativity. In your life you will bring the teachings to bear....as a practice, a framework and worldview shift.  

You can think of the whole thing as a revealing of what is already within you...The you that is in the immediate future and the eternal now. 

For me, painting a large painting is the funnest part of my creative life, it stretches and expands my skills and my mind...and also my joy. Because there is so much territory to cover and play in, it is very forgiving, and there is room to move, to literally dance and breath and experiment. Painting this way is a modern day Rites of Passage and the energy movement that happens is profound. The soul's longing to know itself, has the space and context to reveal to you your hidden pages.  

Signed with a red thread and a true love for adventuring with women around the world....I can't wait to share this with you...excitement is building...  

THE ANTHROPAS EXPERIENCE What we hope we can bring to you. What we hope you can bring to your creative spiritual practice.

  • Create: Paint textured layers for 13 moons on one giant painting
  • Cosmic: Your painting will be a 'cosmic self portrait' of your whole body 
  • Consciousness: Dive into and practice the curriculum: Origins of Quickening
  • Connect: Meet 6 times via zoom for show and tell of our paintings 
  • Construct: Create a record documenting becoming a true human being
  • Collage: Amplify the intuitive inquiries visually with Jenafer Joy  
  • Calling: Call your Soul and Body back together again
  • Craft: Shape your poetic mind and write through intuitive downloads
  • Compassion: Practicing what you are experiencing in your relationships 
  • Catalyst: Take trips to inner space and track of the path of access
  • Community: Gather with your peers on the path to connect 
  • Clarity: Develop your core philosophy of human being, your own content
  • Commitment: Develop a devoted creative spiritual practice and do it! 
  • Certificate: Receive a Certificate of Completion (for finishing in real time) 
  • Celebrate!: Design a personal Rite of Passage honoring your Anthropas voyage
Register to join us!

About the painting...wait...what are we doing?

In your painting you are going to be invited to explore your own soul space. The place your light body and and your physical body come together. Your 'sack of stardust' knowings and your way of integrating the two. 

Through metacognitive consciousness we will be stepping out of pre-existing pardigmatic default experiences. You will be painting your own SELF as the invisible becomes visible at the end of your brush. 

Your painting will be intuitive, daring, dangerous to your current understanding and and a proper blast! 

Metacognitive Consciousness (thinking about thinking about your consciousness) asks you to explore new territory while you MOVE the brush or pen. And while it all sounds very intellectually stimulating and quantumly orgasmic, what we are exploring is extremely practical for how you navigate in the day to day. We will trip out in flow state, going as far as we can go without drugs, AND ALL OF IT WILL REMAIN AVAILABLE WHEN YOU RETURN TO YOUR "REAL" LIFE. This can help us understand, more about what is actually real. 

Each of us will work with OUR FULL BODY intuitive painting, exloring an understanding of YOUR OWN INVISIBLE and VISIBLE BODY and the sacred centers of knowing as YOU define them. 

Many of the patterns/templates/systems offered by the current paradigms aren't working for us in the way we hoped, or the way they used to when we got started.

What if the ideal template for working is your own feminine insight into your ways of knowing? This is the idea within Anthropas, that you already know and need a path of practice to access it.

If you are called to step OUT of the over-culture, dominant paradigm, 'what-the-heck-is-going-on here' reality and into a space of that YOU define for yourself, then this is made for you.  

 Weave with Soul, Star, Color, Scar, Clay, Body & Field in a dance of healing fragmentation and discovering union. 

Our Intentional Creativity® ANTHROPAS Painting Process will include an expanded set of skills and will deepen your practice with your development as a painter. And still, no painting experience is needed....if you are willing to wield the brush... 








We are Co-Creators Curating Our Lives

I feel we are created to create and when we create we activate our own God code... How we experience ourselves, our body, our mind and heart while in the act of creating is alchemizing. We are modeling the codes of creation and practicing the gifts of the Divine in us...I pray to the Great Beings that every single human being will remember to experience themselves a creative being. Every bone in our body is creative. We haven't forgotten, we may just be out of practice.

Translation into your real life - What results or benefits might you experience?  

  • A custom creative spiritual practice that you can use daily 
  • Embodied connection, move into your temple space 
  • Develop your own philosohy and catalogue your wisdom
  • A profound understanding Intentional Creativity, why it works, and how to work it 
  • A tool for resiliency for you and your family, a 'go to' for challenges
  • A felt experience of body and soul coming together 
  • Healing the fragmentation between inner and outer selves
  • Increased confidence in painting and new techniques
  • Soulful self expression, and abandon, more freedom
  • Heightened ways of knowing what you know and sharing it
  • Deepening of intimacy with your important real life relationships 
  • Heightened sensuality through a new look at the body centers and senses
  • A new template of intuition that you design yourself
  • The pleasure of your own company in sovereignty, and we are here too!
  • A giant painting as a record of soul work, truly a dream to have! 
  • Awareness of your own access, as well as content, and capacity to practice
  • The capacity to shape and organize your own consciousness.
  • We will also have an online group, in our own private app. We won’t be hosting this one on Facebook, secrecy is essential so we feel safe enough to journey and share  

For those of you that are teachers, healer, entrepreneurs 

Your painting can be a business logo or website graphic. 

Your images will have facets like a jewel that you can pull from, crop and use (as we have on this page)

You will have your own social media lexicon of graphics to use that are your own (instead of stock)

You will be able to use your painting to teach from, as your information will be in it.

You can use this piece as the cover of your book or body of work You can hang this in your office, or studio and have it behind on video calls

You can bring it with you to presenations as your backdrop or example of your work and philosophy

She Rides the Equal sign created over 13 new moons in CODEX 2019 

 Together we journey to a unique dimension where women makers do the sacred work of uniting Soul and Body Energy and Form Particle and Wave Light Body and Physical Body  

With your own codex, symbols, lights, energies, emanations and honorings.  

We won't be handing you another system to download, you will design your own. As you become more and more clear about how YOU work as a human soul and divine being, your connection will become stronger and stronger. 

  This is a call to become conscious. To be accountable to what is knowable. To awaken and celebrate the life you are creating. To become aware of your framework. To inhabit your cosmic identity and inhabit your soul as your own oracle. 

This is an Intentional Creativity Curriculum for Curating Human Beingness and Alchemizing the Anthropology of Self  

The Powerful Painting CONTEXT Every year for nine years I have spent 13 moons working on a large painting or series of paintings as absolutely integral to my creative spiritual practice.  

This Intentional Creativity® practice is how I know what I know, see what I see and access what I access for the furtherance of my work in the world and my own soul development.  

When you work with Intentional Creativity you are CHOOSING to CURATE a new context in which to see, think, dream, know, access and develop your own consciousness.

Expand your framework beyond your defaults. Repattern the unconscious programming.

Seeing beyond your peripheral vision and literally move your body to paint is part of the magic of creating a new framework. Because it is bigger than you and bigger than how most of us have been trained to "think". 

Especially these days when our focus has been so narrowed by the actual shape and size of the phone and the computer, this is an invitation to step into a much larger context. The reality that it feels a little scary is an indication that power lives there.  

Thinking in full color changes the way you think and see. 

The benefits of painting are similar to meditation, only it can be much more embodied because of the actual EXPERIENCE at the canvas being full body, full mind, and full heart. 

The canvas is the portal to your own consciousness. So much 'thinking' is happening in the mind, let's 'think' in color, symbol, texture, shape, swirl, dive, dash, dot, dabble, doodle OUT ONTO and INTO the canvas. The benefits of painting are similar to meditation, only can be much more embodied because of the actual EXPERIENCE at the canvas being full body, full mind, and full heart. Working big expands the playing field for visionary consciousness. 

Layer by layer, story by story, symbol by symbol we access hidden consciousness and discover what it is we haven't been seeing. 

Painting is one of the most potent tools to access women's ways of knowing.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ Bucky Fuller

I just want to remind you we are all a detail in our galaxy. Our galaxy cannot do without each of us. The body we live in is our Cosmic Address at this time. We are transisterized versions of our true size... We are much bigger than we think - as Cosmic Cowgirls we will come to know how huge a power we are. ~ Sue Hoya Sellars ~

Enter the mystery...  

We cannot guarantee what will happen, it lives in the mystery where it belongs.. 

The truth is I haven't painted an image like we will in Anthropas before so I cannot guarantee what is going to happen. What I SEE though is that this is mine to do and I am called to it from a deep place of profound love within me. To serve the world with my gift: which is to awaken you to your gifts! I keep feeling like what we all need, physically and energetically isn't something that already exists or that someone else made that we can go get, or buy or inhabit, or download. What we may need at this time is something that gets revealed within each person. Specific and unique to how your body and energy works, your dna, your codes, your insights, your energy is your own. And while many structures are shared, YOUR WAY OF KNOWING is UNIQUE TO YOU. Our time together is field practice for exploring, discovering, and articulating your ways of knowing.  

How each of us explores the idea of ANTHROPOS, meaning human, or becoming a true human being, or a true child of humanity is a personal and collective experience. Anthropas in with the 'as' is used in various ways, and places througout history, and for us we are assigning the feminine human to the usage of the word, what we call, a linguistic abstraction. We are making up our own meaning, and yes, charting our own course.  

 Guided by Shiloh Sophia

  with Jenafer Joy

And the Mini Muse Hazel 

MYSTIC: SACRED ART INTERVIEWS Rad guest teachers, will be joining us during Anthropas to share their wisdom as it relates to sacred art making and the body. Each teacher will invite you to do something specific on your canvas, providing a prompt or inquiry from their own lexicon of teachings.

Including Leigh McCloskey, Artist, Author, Mystic and creator of the Hieroglyph for the Human Soul. I spent the day with Leigh in 2016 in his hand-painted studio and experienced his mystery first hand....

The incredible Desda Zuckerman, creator and founder of your Sacred Anatomy will join us to speak about the body and field. We have taught together and her physical school is at Musea. 

Intentional Creativity Teacher, Jassy Watson, Artist, Earth guardian and creator of the Soulscape process will share with us about the connection to land and how to include that in our painting. She will also give us a lesson in color and contast. Jassy and I have taught together for years in both the United States and Australia. 

Jassy Watson Soulscape
Soulscape teacher Jassy Watson Earthist

We will be blessed with Flora Bowley, Intuitive Artist and Author of Creative Revolution and Brave Intuitive Painting. We have connected as friends and colleagues, teaching together on several occasions and sharing her magic with each of you. 

My friend and a woman I cherish, author, teacher, storyteller, artist and dancer, YeYe Luisah Teish will speak to us of image, story, symbol, culture and her journey with art making. 

As well, my husband Jonathan will be joining us to share about the spectrum of color and the science behind what you see and don't see. He is behind a lot of my understanding of the science of Intentional Creativity.  

I am grateful to be connected with many powerful friends and colleagues! These guests teachings will be shared with the rest of our community, yet the conversation is held within the Anthopas framework. I am truly excited to bring them into this conversation.

Are you ready for a full re-set of your studio? Are you feeling the call to something really life changing? A new framework can altar the very way you are living in your life and in your creative process. Your studio becomes your 'seat' for travel, better get the seatbelt fastened!


MATERIALS Big-ass canvas + Acrylic Paints both liquid + heavy body and spray bottle Space to work + Space to dream in full color Visual Journal + Cool Pens  

CONNECTION New custom ONLINE iMusea App for interacting with other students and group calls, storytime and show and tell with Shiloh Sophia  

TIME & DELIVERY Minimum of 4-8 hours a month Videos will be delivered via email

CERTIFICATE of Completion for you to acknowledge the dedication and devotion you demonstrated.  

For those that complete the journey within the yearlong time frame, we will provide a certificate of completion. 

You are invited to step into the self you have always known you were here to be.

The truth and the riddle do a jig of togetherness because the time has come, the latch has loosed, the map has been pinned, and the compass has gone missing. A new orientation which remembers the old context, but is not constrained by has been activated. 

Are you up for this? Where you are about to go you have not been before…it is impossible to have been there. Once your blinders are removed and bugs hit the goggles going at light speed, you are likely not going to be able to find your way back…. The makers of this cannot be held responsible for what is about to happen next. You know if you are supposed to come. We can’t tell you anymore than this, it is already too full to understand without doing. We cannot understand this with the mind or with what is known, it must be experienced.  

Anthropas is our cosmic vocabulary word, a take on the Greek Anthropos, becoming fully human, but most often connected with men/male/man. This is for women only, for you, for us, for our possy of potential, like a rock band on the encore we are at our feet, clapping wildly into the hope for the familiar and the thrill of the unknown. WE ARE ANTHROPAS! (and the crowd cheers!) 

It is said that what is knowable about the world as it is now, is less than 7%. In Intentional Creativity we like to hang out in the potential of 8%. To know what knowable you can't just think your way into it...you have to LIVE it. 

What I Feel, Know and have Witnessed that we are creations living within a creation created to create when we create we activate life-force by going to the source. Most of us feel blocked from source and can clear that block ourselves. We are living images of particle, code and breath animated by story. Story is spoken by the living being which is your indentity. 

Most of us are living in a default identity and can chose a co-creative self instead. The collaborative agencies which make up your whole being can be co-creative. Each part of what makes up who we are has agency and assignment. 

Most of us FEEL out of alignment, but are capable of moving into alignment. Intentional Creativity, the act of making with focused intent is miraculous, through engaging every self agency that is available. A voyage to align with your fullest available self is pure alchemical transformation. This whole thing is facilitated by your soul, for you.

When women come together more access from our chosen collective field is possible. Ceremony and ritualizing transformation makes it more real and repeatable ~ All that said, this is not about my wisdom. I will not be the guru or the healer or the shaman. You will do your own work to arrive at your own answers.  

"I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am. " ~ Albert Einstein  

Can you see yourself a year from now with THE MOST INCREDIBLE painting you have ever seen hanging in your studio? An image which represents your SOUL and BODY and creative spiritual path? Close your eyes and imagine it. Feel into the reality that the most incredible painting you have ever seen will be the one you made. Just take a look at the images below to see what other women created in our 13 moon yearlong painting coures....

Experiences from 2017+ 2018 13 Moon Intentional Creativity Courses

This painting represents my own personal WONDERLAND and to find it, I followed my cosmic map as a star traveller .... led so eloquently and skilfully by our Maestra, Shiloh Sophia (and I am sure also in the presence of Sue Hoya -Sellars).  

This year my focus word was "Pellucid" and what I have learnt is that my consciousness IS a mode of travel that transcends the limits of matter and time. The GIFT of being shown HOW to be an Observer, of ALLOWING and CURATING my own information, culture, my own mark, my own CODEX led me to also launch an online class.  

As I reached for the stars, every month on this journey, my feet have landed squarely on the ground with where I am meant to be, my place of connection, my place of belonging.....my place to celebrate the WILD RUMPUS of my cosmic portrait of SELF!  

I received such CLARITY of WHO I actually am, WHAT it is that I am going after, and what the FRAMEWORKS are around my thinking and patterns of consciousness...  

I am forever grateful for the "divine spark" that is INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY and to be able to reveal my own unique codes and wisdom that I have distilled through this truly MAGICAL PROCESS called CODEX!  

If you look up to the cosmic sky, you will see me, riding a shooting star - as I now go through the next portal into the next adventure of my life!  

~ Tania Michelle Magennis Codex Painting: Cosmic Portrait of SELF - Tania Michelle Magennis

Codex is a record in word and picture of my own ' information ' mined through 13 moons with the virtual support of dedicated 'Hearth tenders ' and fellow companions. Shiloh Sophia gives every bit of her accumulated knowledge and wisdom and teaches in a loving and accessible way. There is no hierarchy of ability or talent, this is Shiloh's deep offering, that creativity is powerful medicine, and is the birthright of all. I have done many indepth courses with Shiloh Sophia, each one coaxing out self revelation through to a practical finished painting. I have experienced time and again the transformative nature of the teaching. There is no static ' how to' although the structure is there if you feel unsure. The journaling that accompanies the course didn't fit into one journal, and is a work of art in itself! A record of the deep meandering through new terrain records the process with playful but deep prompts given monthly by Jenafer Joy. These are treasures to look back on and I'm so grateful to have had this experience!

~Nicole Hague-Andrews Codex Painting: Love the Questions 

Codex was a life-line during the last year of working before my retirement. But the joy of seeing the moon sailing and steadfast knowing again and again that I’m in the amazing web of cyber cosmic connection. I gently weep in gratitude.  

~ Susan Hubacker Codex Painting: Lady of The Mystery

Re-entry Re-writing Re-wiring Re-igniting Re-wilding Re-orienting Rediscovery Re-animating Re-energising Re-organising 

Coming back to the origins, clearing the societal goggles and seeing fresh from within. Accessing all areas. Like a futuristic archaeological dig into the cosmos of yourself! Loved the ride and the new perspective it’s given me!

~ Gisela Pineiro Codex Painting: Revolutionary evolutionary spark

Imagine was an unfolding mystery enveloping layers of secrets and tears and shy knowing smiles into a painting that will speak to me for years to come. Thank you and I am game for more.

~Colleen Crotty-Good Imagine Painting Course

The Imagine process dissolved my self imposed limitations and allowed me a deeper expression than I’ve ever experienced. The Kali - like repetition of creation-destruction - creation combined with the focus of so many of life’s core issues helped me to let go of preciousness and my tendency to overwork things. I relaxed and let it happen through me. Thanks so much for this amazing class.  

~Sugandhi Imagine Painting Course 

My Imagine painting spoke to me as soon as I finished, so I grabbed my journal and here is what she said... * Imagine the possibilities * Honor the sacred space * Herald in the new * Allow the energy to rise * Seek and you will find It read like a book to me from left to right each set of images revealing it's message..... What an incredible journey. Thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart.

~Katie Rooney McLane Imagine Painting Course 

Be prepared to be changed, surprised, opened up, healed and transformed! This is wonderfully dangerous work likely to create a new way of seeing, being and serving love in the world!  

~ Donna Papenhausen Codex Painting: To See What God Intends

When I look back and see the different stages on my canvas over the 13 moons, and see how I have grown, I feel so inspired! What a transformation within and without. If I had to choose one word to describe this experience, it would be ‘freeing’. Not only have I learnt to trust my intuition and LISTEN, I am painting more freely...

~ Heather Baker Codex Painting: On the strength of silk and the wisdom of pearls...

The bottom line is, CODEX freed me to trust my own heart, and that I have something unique which is worth sharing with those who are ready to receive it. Shiloh and Jena framed experiences which were clear and easy to follow, but really forced us to look within to see who and what we are.  

~ Sharon Handy Codex Painting: Midwife to my Future

In Codex I released the last remnants of a life that no longer served. Within the painting is held the death of the old and the birth of the new. During this 13 month voyage I spiraled into a life threatening illness and had my bags packed to move on. Now, living vibrantly with a medical diagnosis, I continue to choose daily living with Intentional Creativity. For those considering this course I say step livelyinto the work and be prepared for all possibilities. The time and experience

will last a lifetime. Shiloh, Jena and the Support team...your steadfastness, love, generosity and dedication to your own process has helped to bring me to the woman I am today. Thank you is not an adequate expression, and needs to be stated anyway.  

~ Karen Schweitzer Codex Painting: Keeper of the stories  

What an incredible, mind bending, hair raising, crazy and powerful wild ride Codex is! Shiloh, you always rock my world - you just get better and better at it... As I move closer towards finishing Codex - no, it will never be finished - these insane journeys remain alive and active - such is their power to connect and become my lived experience. This journey of the last 13 New Moons is My Codex. Filled with Gratitude, awe, intense inquiry and love

~Jo Laurie WIP Codex Painting: Door to Doorways 

My Codex experience was a magnificent adventure into pure consciousness and embodiment. My gifts and what I've come to cause and create in the world were revealed. Shiloh and Jena have put together a brilliant class filled with laughter, tears, color, and community, all connected in the quantum field. I learned more about the essential wisdom I carry and how to make a positive impact on others. ~Karen Maunder Codex Painting: Pure Consciousness  

In Codex I discovered a reverence for my diverse sacred gifts that seemed at first unconnected but now feel blended into a strong and purposeful wholeness that has a place and presence in this realm and at this time.  

~Adele Goodwin Codex Painting: Inner Freedom

What most surprised me, though really it shouldn’t have, is that what emerged on my canvas also emerged within me during the CODEX journey. As I completed my painting, I experienced a new sense of completion within myself. Each of my Color of Woman Vision Quest paintings is an Archetype, each a single aspect of myself. My CODEX painting is different. As I gaze at it now, I see and feel that it’s the Archetype of my Whole Self. The CODEX painting began with the night sky and my arrival on the night of my birth, and from there went through a series of steps that mysteriously and quite miraculously led to this amazing image and story of who I really am and what I'm here to do. My words here cannot do this justice. I am blown away by what Shiloh Sophia has taught me and where she has led me over these past two years, starting with

Legend and Color of Woman and culminating in my CODEX experience. I am beyond grateful to you, Shiloh, to your teacher and mentor, Sue Hoya Sellars, and the Intentional Creativity Lineage and Guild, and I’ve honored you all with symbols in my CODEX painting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

~Sherry Rueger Banaka Codex Painting: Serving the Great and Sacred Awakening 

Codex showed me the observer, being more and more aware of my true Self gives me trust that I'm always there were I suppose to be. This silent place beyond scatter gives me joy, inner freedom and the feeling I'm totally okay as I am.  

I'm the silence beyond Watching the play of humanity ... Trusting and following my heart ... Leads to inner wisdom, freedom and joy ... To serve, play and create.

~Margo Helene van Strien Sonneveld Codex Painting: Serving the Great and Sacred Awakening